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  1. RED84Cf

    Direct X 8 to 9 dll has been updated to v1.10.0 today (d3d8.dll)

    Darren Ingram, just a shot in the dark here could it be a DEP problem with the one machine? Disable DEP in the control panel. When Windows 10 updates itself it turns DEP back on. Just a thought.
  2. RED84Cf

    Blurry Textures

  3. RED84Cf

    MENC 2019 mod

    Thanks Cosmin.
  4. RED84Cf

    MENC 2019 mod

    Looks like I got the Cam Hack working. I can now move the seat or view closer to the windshield. Have not messed with any other things such as up and down and FOV. So far just happy to get closer to the windshield and gauges. Did not try it in a race yet, just sat on pit road and it worked, I...
  5. RED84Cf

    MENC 2019 mod

    For guys that drive in car the field of view needs to be closer to the windshield we feel like we are sitting in the back seat, Other than that good job on the mod.
  6. RED84Cf

    Truck and Xfinity Winners Decal

    Yes they are.
  7. RED84Cf

    Having trouble adding a painted car to the game

    You do know that you have to install the, Whelen modified mod, and if your doing a cws2014 truck the, cws2014 mod, you have to have these mods installed in your series folder? These mod don't come with the original game.
  8. RED84Cf

    Having trouble adding a painted car to the game

    Take this zipped tga file unzip and upload it to the Whelen series, exports_imports folder. Go into game pick, Whelen Modified Tour Mod, at bottom chose opponent manager, click on new, chose chassis Chevrolet, type file name no spaces, now you should see plan car, click import find the tga file...
  9. RED84Cf

    Having trouble adding a painted car to the game

    Don't know what your doing but I just quickly threw it in and made the car file.
  10. RED84Cf

    New YouTube Series - 1970 Grand National Season

    Give some thought to enable SHADOWS- On Ground: from cars, it will make your vids look more realistic.
  11. RED84Cf

    NR2003 Screenshot and Video Thread

    Can someone hook me up with the Fasturd Truck Rally Track for use with the new Stadium Truck mod? Thanks. Never mind found what I was looking for.
  12. RED84Cf

    CCMaster - Example Video of an issue

    Just a thought are you sure it's not your video capture program?
  13. RED84Cf

    NCTS09 Template Problem

    Unlock the transparency of the layer you are trying to paint. In my paint program it's on the far right of the Layer Palette, it's a red x over top of a picture of a lock.
  14. RED84Cf

    CCM Help

    Make sure you have the original cup mod that came with the game in your series folder.