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  1. ongias25

    Wabash Raceway

    Anyone have Wabash Raceway? I've searched,all links are dead.:( Thank you.
  2. ongias25

    The world is not going to end.....

    The world will not end,because in back to the future, Marty Mcfly comes back in we're good.:p
  3. ongias25

    Openings on the paint crew

    Since James announced that he was leaving and there is a possible open spot on the paint crew,why not see if dalejrfan1 would like to be on the already awesome paint crew.He would be an incredible asset to the SRD team.Thanks,Phil
  4. ongias25

    Woman watched Nascar with dead man for over a year

    just when you think you've seen it all!!Woman watched NASCAR with deceased man for over a year | From The Marbles - Yahoo! Sports
  5. ongias25

    Found! 2004 TRG cup car set 600 cars with rosters

    2004 TRG cup car set for original in game mod 600 cars plus rosters,all with crews and ratings.Credits and thanks to all the painters at TRG.
  6. ongias25

    So this is one of my plans

    Well after working as a concrete/heavy truck mech for standard concrete in so cal for 30 years, I am retiring in october of this year and one of the things I have always wanted to try was painting but never had the time.Since I love the K&N pro series and that it never seems to get the...
  7. ongias25

    Toyota speedway in Irwindale shuts down

    Irwindale Speedway appears to be closing track - LA Daily News We lose another great track in So Cal.(n)
  8. ongias25

    Tri-City raceway

    Anyone have a working link to this track,or if someone has it can they send it to me if possible please?It is a .74 mile track.There is a Tri-state speedway but thats not the one.Thanks in advance,Phil:-O
  9. ongias25

    Does anyone know?

    If the NNWS car set for the BR11 cup mod is still going on?It would be nice to have NNWS schemes for the cup mod..I have searched and can't find the thread about the cars and can't get through to the painters doing the set.Thanks,Phil:-/
  10. ongias25

    Downloading question

    When I sign in and try to download the mod,it says I cannot due to not having permission to access this it due to the amount of downloads going on at the moment?Thanks,Phil:(
  11. ongias25

    Where is canadianhits?

    What happened to canadianhits? I know he was a moderator and used to post daily here......he was very helpful to me and now I don't see him at all here.Just curious,Thanks,Phil:-O
  12. ongias25

    B. Wallace's Daytona track 2011

    Was this ever released? I remember seeing progress reports on it but never saw it avalible for download...:(
  13. ongias25

    2011 cars

    Anyone got the 2011 cars add-on? I thought this was supposed to be installed when you play the disc as DLC but I didn't get anything.:-/
  14. ongias25

    Late Model Version 1 cars

    Does anyone know of or have any cars for the LMV1 Mod other than the ones that it comes with?I've searched with no luck.Thanks,Phil
  15. ongias25

    BR2011 template not showing up in paintshop in game

    When I download a car that is in TGA form and go to import it,the template only shows up in the left corner and won't install the skin properly with the template......what am I not doing right? Thanks in advance,Phil:(
  16. ongias25

    Pocono 2011 avalibile!

    Hey with all the focus on the new cup mod,just thought I would let all know Pocono 2011 is here!Nascar2003 Tracklist
  17. ongias25

    PWF 2010 NNWS cars at EPD!

    The nice guys at EPD have posted 23 2010 NNWS cars for the PWF mod,including T.Baynes 17 ford...Thanks Guys! Happy Thanksgiving!
  18. ongias25

    gt5 delayed again!

    This is not a joke,but sony they mean this holiday or beyond? No matter how good this "game" is I will never buy a sony product again.Gran Turismo 5 Delayed Until Holiday Season » VirtualR – Sim Racing News :arghh:
  19. ongias25

    ISCRC 2010 cars

    Anyone know if the set of 2010 cars was ever finished? I know they had already some of them,but their site appears to be down or gone..................was looking forward to these.
  20. ongias25

    2000 talladega roof and spoiler "wicker cars"

    Does anyone know if a set was made that ran Talladega in 2000 with the "roof' and "spoiler" wicker strips on them?