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  1. bowtie

    Our Downloads & Everyone Else's

    A good idea!.... I have a lot of 3D Objects.
  2. bowtie

    Track and Sandbox help

    The horizon is a .3do file. It is placed the same way any object is placed in Sandbox. Be sure all the .mip files for the horizon are present...... normally horiz.3do and all the numbered horiz.mips
  3. bowtie


    For example....but, there are less expensive ones that still sound good. Samsung 4.1 Channel 200W Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer - HW- KM38
  4. bowtie


    Sound Bars w/sub woofers aren't very expensive, and sound decent.
  5. bowtie

    Track and Sandbox help

    In the 'camera view' window, click 'view' .... 'Horizon'. Is that what you mean?
  6. bowtie

    Average age ?

    I'm 71 and have been messin' with this stuff since '95 :O
  7. bowtie

    Your Random Thought

    Alice's Restaurant
  8. bowtie

    Your Random Thought

    Musings Of A Madman
  9. bowtie

    G27 Issues

    One thing you can try: In your 'players' folder, in 'yourname' folder, move the 'controls.cfg' file to another location. Then start the game and re calibrate.
  10. bowtie

    G27 Issues

    Have you looked here to see if everything works?
  11. bowtie

    G27 Issues

    Are the lights on the shifter on... maybe the optical encoder has cracked and slipped ... Read this: I replaced mine with the brass one. It's not too hard to fix, if that ends up being your problem.
  12. bowtie

    Good Vibes for Andy1 please

    Positive thoughts, Andy!
  13. bowtie

    Sandbox won't load some tracks

    Many reasons.... first, make sure you are using the right shared folder in sandbox....they seem to be a dime a dozen anymore...a needed mip for a 3do might be missing....try opening the ptf in 3dSimEd, any 3do that is pink is missing a texture. That's a start :)
  14. bowtie

    Chicago Motor Speedway

    Before this turns into anything like the protests/riots we have going on, I'd like to point out that several of my friends and I, including Carl (riviera71), were working on this track a long time ago. Even before a lot of you were born! So, use some logic and ask around for the facts before you...
  15. bowtie

    Low - Poly Haulers - Low - Poly Haulers

    Haulers All of my haulers on this page can now be viewed with The Mod Squad's 'Carviewer', a very handy painting tool! CarViewer All of the haulers have templates included. There's a 'Help' file with the 'Carviewer' that explains all you need to know to use the viewer. Great work by DaveO and...
  16. bowtie

    Converting Files

    Save as .bmp, then use WinMip2 to convert to .mip
  17. bowtie

    Hauler & Truck Template

    I recently made a new version with a new template that's much easier to paint.
  18. bowtie

    I'm not doing well. Cancer......

    I'm not gonna sugar coat this 9 weeks of pre-surgery chemo was very hard on me. I lost 65 lbs., had a hard time even looking at food, didn't have any energy, and was almost ready to give up at times....but I kept my faith and hope alive with a strength I found inside, knowing I had...
  19. bowtie

    Falling Off the Grid

    This has saved me a few times.... hard drive dock/duplicator
  20. bowtie

    I'm not doing well. Cancer......

    Keep a positive attitude, and don't let everyone's pity change your hope and faith!....not bragging, but I have survived two stage 4 can too!