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66 - VSI Racing/Ripper Magoos/Draft Kings Mustang - DAY1 daniele
66 - VSI Racing/Ripper Magoos/Draft Kings Mustang - DAY1
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings
52 - Panini America Camaro - DAY1 daniele
5.00 star(s) 5 ratings
13 - Whataburger Supra - DAY2 daniele
5.00 star(s) 3 ratings
42 - Clover Camaro - DAY1 Hendrick9Fan
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings
1 - Monster Energy Camaro - DAY1 Hendrick9Fan
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings


  1. Travisnyitrai

    Steering wheel not working

    Hello eveyone can someone help me out with the problem I’m having with my steering wheel? My problem is that the wheel steering controls aren’t being set, and it’s saying it can’t be a single axis?? Someone please help
  2. Mystical

    How to create a mod for NR2003 Tutorial Video Series

    Here it is, a video series in HD to show you the process on how to make a mod. This is a multi-video series so when I get time and motivation to continue the series I will add each video for each part: Part 1: Part 2:
  3. melon_person_18

    FreeCamera 2.3.1

    After 3 years of trying and 3 years of frustration trying to get Camera Control Master to work, I decided it would be a lot easier to simply make my own version of it. Hence, FreeCamera was born. Basically what this program does is move the Pit Lane 1 camera around based on your inputs. The...
  4. Mystical

    ICR Series Paint Schemes (Official)

    After years of thinking about this series, over half a year to build the actual mod, and several months after to prepare it all the time has finally come for the ICR showroom. I'm not going to go into massive detail of the series and how it all works but the short version is this is a...
  5. Anthony Lopez Racing

    Connecticut Motor Speedway

    I try to make a fictional track on NR2003 called, Connecticut Motor Speedway. Well I made a trace of the track on Sandbox, but I couldn't add more files and it a little hard to do. I also try to made MobileDome but it end up the same fate as Connecticut, I also made a logos for that track but...
  6. watsonz

    7x Champion Splash Screen

    Welp, it's been a long while since I last posted. Had a pretty neat idea, and I wasn't sure how exactly I was going to pull it off. In the end, it turned out pretty well. Here's a custom splash screen featuring Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, and Richard Petty. Link is below if you want to...
  7. Mystical

    ICR Mod 1.0

    The International Competitive Racing mod is a fictional mod that allows you to highly customize it and create your own racing series. Full details:
  8. Mystical

    ICR Mod discussion thread

    Full ICR Mod details: With the release of the mod this thread will be used for future discussion and updates on post-launch content coming to the mod.
  9. Mystical

    ICR Mod release date details

    After many months of work the International Competitive Racing Mod will be available for all very soon: The mod along with all its content (render scenes, templates, carset, etc) are completed and the final work to package it all up and get it ready for web hosting is being done these next few...
  10. FillWarmer

    FSB Racing is looking for applicants.

    Fresno to Shell Beach Racing was founded to create a community of drivers that encourages sportsmanship and requires ethical conduct from its club members. - FSB currently runs three 12 race championship seasons per year. At the beginning of 2020, we started our 36th season at FSB. Qualifying...
  11. Jakub Smetana

    NR2003 Online League - V8Thunder

    Hi guys, I'd like to introduce you an online league in the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season game. I can tell you, that here is a bunch of great people. This league is primarily geared to Europeans, but anyone can take par. We are using the MENCS19 mod and we are racing the real schledule as in the real...
  12. Mystical

    2020 Splash Screens for NR2003 1.0

    3 new 2020 NR2003 splash screens to choose from:
  13. Matt Baker

    MichiganMB_2019 2019-12-15

    Michigan International Speedway 2019 is available to download! Did a very extensive overhaul of the track from the 2017 version. Below, in no particular order are the updates that were made: Track Geometry: Removed the banking transition for the less banked bottom lane of the track in the...
  14. 123456789colton

    Check out the Allstar Offline Racing Series on Youtube!

    Hey everyone, we are in Season #2, a few races in! I'm inviting everyone to subscribe to the channel and check out the league!! We now run 2018 trucks, and 2019 mencs. The signups are closed, but that doesn't mean you can't come watch the races!! Plus get up to date info on the league, the next...
  15. S

    Sunoco Weekly Racing Series Signups & Info

    I'm starting up a Sunoco weekly Racing Series of Various Divisions. 8 Dirt & 8 Asphalt divisions. Right now 3 Sign ups are Live. DIRT Big Block modifieds (Using Bullring's 358Mod) DIRT Pro stocks (using Aerowar88) Dirt Sport Compacts (using Bullring's Hornets mod) These 3 will also be...
  16. Jc2366

    2013 IZOD Indycar Series For DW12 Mod 2019-10-30

    Including 329 cars from the 2013 season of the IZOD Indycar Series for the DW12 Mod, with all the paint schemes and drivers. -329 cars, with all the paint schemes and Road Course and Superspeedway chasis. -Rosters of the 19 races with their respective Paint Schemes Credits Mod: DW12 by Smiffsden...
  17. DAT Designs

    DAT Designs Random Showroom

    2020 Stewart-Haas Racing Mobil 1 Concepts CREDITS: Splash N' Go (Template), Big Evil Racing (Numbers), The Mod Squad (Render)
  18. dacinch8

    SRD Camaro Cup

    I had this idea for a while, so here goes nothing. So here's how this will work. Summary: A series based on the Chevy Camaro. Mod: -Using the MENCS19 mod by Splash N' Go Graphics. Approved Models and Templates: Default Camaro ZL1 (included)...
  19. Anthony Lopez Racing

    Rare NR2003 Fictional Tracks

    I have tried to find Unknown Dirt Track & Dakota Speedway but I haven't find it. Does anyone STILL have the RAREST NR2003 fictional tracks?
  20. SteamsDev

    NR2003 Save Game Editor Crash

    This might have an obvious answer, but I wanted to ask this question anyway: Any possibility that I can get the NR2003 Save Game Editor to support more than 43 cars? I tried to get it to load a field of 44 cars and it keeps crashing and (supposedly) corrupting my desktop.