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  1. halfwayglad

    [Teaser] Daytona 2020 BBMC Day & Night

    A crown jewel race. The season opener. Legacies created with the wave of a checkered flag. This will be the definitive Daytona for NR2003. We're going all out on this track from scripting our own custom lights to adding in details like drainage. This is going to be a big one.
  2. Anthony Lopez Racing

    Connecticut Motor Speedway

    I try to make a fictional track on NR2003 called, Connecticut Motor Speedway. Well I made a trace of the track on Sandbox, but I couldn't add more files and it a little hard to do. I also try to made MobileDome but it end up the same fate as Connecticut, I also made a logos for that track but...
  3. RPG445

    NR2003 Kentucky Derby Track?

    Is there an NR2003 track based off "Churchill Downs" the track that hosts the Kentucky Derby?
  4. G

    RIP Rockingham Motor Speedway

    I have just read in Wikipedia that this oval track was closed in 2018 and should be demolished. I remember them for the great IndyCar race in 2001, where Gil de Ferran overtook Kenny Bräck after a thrilling duel and laid the foundation for winning the 2001 CART championship.
  5. G

    General oval track discussion

    Hello, as one of the co-authors of the oval racetrack article in Wikipedia, I would like to open a general discussion on the subject in this forum. It was announced by NASCAR that they could make some major changes to the racing calendar from 2021 onwards. Assuming the unlikely and fictitious...
  6. Naja Tech 93

    Track and Sandbox help

    I need help how to fix a track error that I made using the Sandbox. I've followed the tutorial but it doesn't work in game Here's the track link: Sorry I didn't include the .dat file.
  7. T

    Riverside International Raceway Track Project / Idea?!

    Hello SimRacingDesign Members, If you are reading this that means you are interested in this topic about Riverside International Raceway. Riverside International Raceway was a race track or road course in Riverside, California. The track was in operation from September 22, 1957, to July 2...
  8. B

    Bunching up in pit road

    Hi everyone, I have the SMO Speedway Night track and it's an incredible track that I have as the final race of my offline season (because I couldn't really find anything better) but the issue is when they start doing green flag pit stops, they literally speed down and they end up bunching up and...
  9. B

    Vermont Speedway

    I have Vermont as part of my offline league but most of the field keeps crashing out. I had all the settings of the track ini reset to its default settings but it's always around half the field taken out in wrecks. Anyone know what could be the problem?
  10. ch.3

    Any interest in an updated Las Vegas Night?

    The most recent Las Vegas night track is from 2007. Is there any interest in updating it?
  11. ch.3

    Road America HR help

    Every time I attempt to load up the Road America track by Hillcrest Racing, it always gives me the, "couldn't load track" message. I've checked all the .sim files and they're all correct. If anyone can help me, let me know!
  12. Mystical

    Taylor Swift Superdome 1.0

    If there is one thing you take away from this track, even if you hate it, is its definite proof that I was the one who made this thing. No one else in the community would make something this outlandish: Welcome to Taylor Swift Superdome! This 682 million dollar stadium was built in the heart...