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2016 Paint Team Members... Open for business.

Discussion in 'Forum Rules and Announcements' started by Alan Harkleroad, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Alan Harkleroad

    Alan Harkleroad SRD Site Administrator Paint Crew Admin

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    For 2016 we are planning to continue our little but productive crew. And we are hoping there are a few talents out there who would like to join us for 2016.

    We will be supporting the SRD NXS and BR15 mods. Unless something changes with either of them. Now if we get more bodies then we will expand our scope of paints. But for the short term we want to stick with a work load we think is manageable.

    What we are looking for:
    - 2 to 4 painters who can demonstrate the following.

    a. Make their own bases, logos, and other materials.
    b. Handle the demands of painting for a season.
    c. You will have your own pace to produce the cars.
    d. Self driven personality who likes a challenge.

    The only time tables we will set all season are the opening sets for the speed weeks races. The 500 and 300 mile races that all 43 cars for each series will debut. After that you will be able to release cars as fast as you can as your schedule allows. (May well be a community carset like this past season)

    If you have been watching Dobbs and I the later half of the season we do things in chunks. Sometimes it's 2 cars, sometimes it's 5. We understand their are things that require your attention outside of NR2003. So there are no set production requirements. You will do what you can when you can.

    If you would like to join onto our team please PM myself, Matt O' or Dobbs and we will let the others know so we can discuss your application.
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