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2019 SRD SuperTruck Series - Round 2 - Rockingham

Discussion in 'SRD Camping World Truck Offline League' started by MWick4, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. sweetracerdude

    sweetracerdude King of Pepsi, Racer, Family Man!

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    Lintz: "Im still in shock! I knew this DoorDash Chevy was decent in race trim just didnt expect it this fast. When we formed this team our goal was to win stages, poles, and overall races and to be contending 2 races into our rookie season with me as a driver and as a team is beyond expectations. I want to thank DoorDash, Chevrolet, iK9, Hilton Honors, Ally, Lintz Creative, and Tri-Rail for everything they do for Cody and I. This is simply amazing for both trucks to be this competitive early on in the season."
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  2. Tyler Jennings

    Tyler Jennings Well-Known Member

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    "Disappointed to say the least"
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  3. canadienhits

    canadienhits The Dominator, Cup champ.

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    Well, we recovered nicely from being a lap down to battle and get 7th. I think if we hadn't been that lap down, we might just have gone for the win. Good showing today.
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  4. BrendonH12

    BrendonH12 Lover of Jesus! #CarolinaStrong

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    @BrendonH12: "Well, well, well... Everett didn't crash today! Guess he only likes to tear up my stuff... But seriously, congrats to Everett and his entire team - they earned that one. Plus, maybe now he'll be so high on winning that he'll forget to run down the IndyCar team! *chuckles* Glad he thanked me for giving him a shot in one of our cars so he can be where he's at today... :rolleyes: We had a decent Peterbilt Dodge - nothing spectacular - but pretty decent. We got caught up in that mess with the #03 and that damage put our decent truck's chances at winning to rest. But Brett and Joey drove their tails off today! I mean, Brett was up there mixing it up with Everett and those guys and Joey knocked the heck out the fence and started taking off like a rocket! Don't really know how he lost all those spots and ended up 16th, but still a great performance for both of those guys. I'm proud of BHR's success so far through two races, but I want to see more; I know we're capable of so much more and we proved that out there today. On to the next one..."
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
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  5. dacinch8

    dacinch8 Striving on Sweet Iced Tea

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    #99: “Fuck.”
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  6. Reza Maulana

    Reza Maulana SRD's Resident Indonesian & Truck Series Statman

    Likes Received:
    "Decent result for the No. 98 Star Twinkle Precure team once again this week. We don't really have the pace in the No. 98 Silverado this week, but at least I managed to avoid any incident I guess. Shame that Rogers retired early and Jennings hit trouble after briefly going to the lead."
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  7. Saan Anguish

    Saan Anguish Inflictor of Pain

    Likes Received:
    "Glad that Root and myself both were able to have great runs today. We definitely needed it after we almost didn't get the 19 truck team here in time. We'll be back after the break a little more organized, and start collecting more wins hopefully."
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  8. aRKey Designs

    aRKey Designs Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    I don't have any clue what happened to the truck today. We had a nice speed in qualy, but on the race something was wrong the hole day. next disapointing result in 2 weeks.
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  9. Evolution9

    Evolution9 Just Be Yourself Dont Care What Other Thinks!

    Likes Received:
    #11 Josh Hawkins": My truck got tight at begging of race then throughout race my crew able get truck where I want drive and came to 2nd place finish not to bad I believe we could won here as we got good truck but I'll take 2nd.Also Caleb finished 13th not bad for him in his rookie start we are doing everything we can to make him go fast as well."
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  10. joeykraus19

    joeykraus19 Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Man if I get faster every time I hit the wall, I'll just take the right side off before the race. Glad to see we had speed and run inside the top 5, but absolutely sucks to finish a lap down outside the Top 10. We'll come back next week with a fast truck, can't thank @BrendonH12 and my sponsors for this absolute rocket.
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  11. JBlanford74

    JBlanford74 FFGFYG

    Likes Received:
    JB74: Yea, we had some mechanical issues. I’ll have the boys rip it apart when we get home. Probably a damn $0.25 bolt snapping.
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  12. Ceafus 88

    Ceafus 88 NR2003's Original 03

    Likes Received:
    "We can't keep putting ourselves I position to be taken out weekly, we have shown we have the speed. We need to learn how to capitalize on it"
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  13. Cutch22

    Cutch22 That Pittsburgh Fan

    Likes Received:
    22: "Dang man, what a blast that was. Really woulda liked to put on a show for the First Energy folks that were in the building, they've done so much for my family and I over the years, and bringing home a win would have been awesome for them. Can't be mad with a Top 5 though. Thanks to the BHR team for putting together another Ram with some serious speed. I knew we had some speed hiding underneath that hood that we didn't let out for Qualifying, felt awesome to let it loose when it mattered most. Excited to head down to Myrtle Beach this week here. Taking my guys out to a Pelicans game as a little bit of teambuilding. Love me some good Minor League Baseball."
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  14. frow78

    frow78 Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Root #19- "Really glad to get the car in the Top 10 after missing every practice session. We'll be busy celebrating Saan's podium tonight!"
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  15. Devin41

    Devin41 I wanna go fast!

    Likes Received:
    #41 Devin Mahoney-"Once again caught up in someone else's mess. That was a hard hit but I had nowhere to go and everything happens fast at these smaller tracks. We were absolutely awful off the truck but picked up the pace in qualifying and had a decent run going in the race but had our day ended short. Can't thank my team and sponsors enough. Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine, NAPA, Allegiant, Monster, Chevrolet, and all the DK Motorsports guys that make these trucks go round. Thanks for all your support and hard work. I'm excited to go to Myrtle Beach next as it's one of my favorite tracks but at the same time I struggle saving tires so we'll see how that goes."
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  16. KnightHoarder

    KnightHoarder Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    "Well, this was one race weekend I was glad to see come to an end from an Owner's perspective. All 3 of us struggled this weekend and it was unfortunate to see Ben and Devin caught up in someone else's accident. We managed to come home with a 15th place finish in my Allegiant Air Silverado but it was not to my liking at all. Everyone here at DK Motorsports will bounce back next race and hopefully get to victory lane!"
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  17. GambitJon

    GambitJon #VeganRush

    Likes Received:
    7- "We had no speed"

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