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2019 SRD SuperTruck Series - Round 5 - Texas World

Discussion in 'SRD Camping World Truck Offline League' started by MWick4, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. MWick4

    MWick4 SRD SuperTruck Series Director

    Likes Received:
    So I do think i figured out why so many random failures for guys not involved in that first wreck. Pit road is so damn narrow, the ai loved to run into each other as they came in and out of their boxes. Probably not a track for the 2020 schedule.
  2. Cutch22

    Cutch22 That Pittsburgh Fan

    Likes Received:
    22 - "Wrong time, wrong place. Killed a good truck today, glad we could salvage a Top 20 for First Energy and all our sponsors with BHR. It's a shame though, those guys really milked everything out of that truck from the first practice to the Green Flag drop. See you guys in Montreal."
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  3. matheus357

    matheus357 Very Occasional Painter

    Likes Received:
    Fiorentini: "...On to Montreal..."
  4. thedude1987

    thedude1987 King of Pepsi, Racer, Family Man!

    Likes Received:
    We survived.... good points day for us with the finish. We have to go back to the shop this week and see what happened with the 48, thought for sure he had a piece thatd be competitive like in Daytona.
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  5. JBlanford74

    JBlanford74 FFGFYG

    Likes Received:
    Well...that was just straight crap!!
  6. BrendonH12

    BrendonH12 Lover of Jesus! #CarolinaStrong Moderator

    Likes Received:
    @BrendonH12: "Well, that race didn't go as planned... Great job by Joey and the entire #69 team though! Wish he could have got just one more position, but a really solid day nonetheless. Gotta say thanks to Alex for sticking with him there at the end as well. Dodge showed a lot of muscle this week and great teamwork; we just came up a little short there at the end. Brett had a great race going as well, and then the crash happened and that pretty much ended that. Still brought home a top 20 finish. Now, I don't know what happened with our #12 truck... It just quit on me. No damage, at least to my knowledge; just pretty much died on me. Oh well... I've never had Whataburger before, so I'm going to take Brett, Joey, and the guys to get a bite to eat - then we'll start our preparations for Montreal. Gotta get that #17 truck ready for Ryan and hopefully, we'll have a strong showing next race! On to the next one..."
  7. GambitJon

    GambitJon #VeganRush

    Likes Received:
    7- solid run, at this pace we might top ten our way in the chase
    crazyboy335 likes this.
  8. Bitbreaker

    Bitbreaker Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    maybe one step in the right direction...not more to say, because it just was a SSW wildcard race.
  9. KnightHoarder

    KnightHoarder Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    "This was probably the best team performance for us here at DK Motorsports this weekend!! Devin got his best finish of the year and was even a contender and lead laps while Ben and myself both had great runs as well with me even winning the stage! We will certainly pull it all together and start racking up wins in both time if we keep things going in the direction we were in today!"
  10. Devin41

    Devin41 I wanna go fast!

    Likes Received:
    #41-"Gotta love lapped traffic getting in the way all damn race. If this were a short track, that'd be an easy problem to fix but i'm not gonna wreck someone going 180mph on a 2 mile track, that's just flat out reckless. The DK Motorsports guys gave me a really competitive Ole Smoky Moonshine Chevy and we led some laps and showed some promise for the rest of the year."
    KnightHoarder likes this.
  11. Reza Maulana

    Reza Maulana SRD's Resident Indonesian & Truck Series Statman

    Likes Received:
    "How the hell did we get P6?!? We were in bottom five in Qualifying, got into an incident early on and the next thing we know after the race is that we finished in P6! I am glad that the team has put a great race setup on the Star Twinkle Precure Silverado though, without that the P6 finish that we have this week wouldn't be possible. Still looking for some Stage points though..."
  12. joeykraus19

    joeykraus19 Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    "These damn lapped cars make me want to dropkick someone into Area 51. Amazing day, running in the lead and up front all day. Can't thank the boys enough for an absolute (Dodge) Demon of a truck."
    BrendonH12 likes this.

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