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3DS Max 2016 Having Issues with MENCS Beta Scene

Discussion in '3dsMax Help or Questions' started by NascarMan32, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. NascarMan32

    NascarMan32 Well-Known Moron

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    Right, so I've been playing around with the reflections and stuff in the scene, and it's been working fine. However, as soon as I open the Render Setup page or change a material type, the hood and windows won't render properly, regardless of whether or not I change any settings.

    Here's what I get without changing any settings except material parameters.

    Here's what I get after changing the body material type to anything besides Standard (fixes back to previous image when I change it back to Standard).

    Here's what I get after simply opening the Render Setup dialogue. Keep in mind that it does not matter whether or not I make any changes to settings.

    Any suggestions?
  2. JNieder51188

    JNieder51188 Well-Known Member

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    Any word on how to tackle this issue as I’ve had it start doing this as well?
  3. DERacing

    DERacing SRD's Resident Lunatic!

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    What render engine are you using? Standard material works for scanline, but if it is Mental Ray, Vray or ART you need to try an appropriate material. Arch & Design or Physical materials work better for the advanced engines.

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