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An easy Track-Renaming-Tool

Discussion in 'NR2003 General Discussion' started by German500, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. German500

    German500 Member

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    I am a big fan of a common naming on track directories. However, since SDT, FSE, SBP and other projects have totally different naming standards, I have built myself a small renaming tool.

    (Unfortunately, you can not just rename the track directory and everything is fine. Thats because the name of the track.ptf in the track.dat and the name of the track.dat have to be the same as the track folder name. If not, the track cannot be loaded ingame.)

    The tool is a simple batch file. This requires the files DatX.exe and MakeDat.exe from the sandbox toolbox.

    The patch file unpacks the .dat file contained in the track directory into a temporary folder. Then the unpacked .ptf file is renamed and the .dat file is re-packed under the new name.

    The .dat-name is simply the current directory name of the racetrack.

    You have a racetrack called atlanta05night and you want to rename it in atlanta_night_2005.

    First, copy the MakeDat.exe and DatX.exe from Sandbox tools into the "tracks" directory. Then rename the directory of the track (to be renamed) from "atlanta05night" to "atlanta_night_2005".

    Then copy and run my patch file into the "atlanta_night_2005" directory.

    That's all. During the patch process come a few questions in terminal. Always answer this with "File" or "Yes".

    BTW: A copy of the original .dat-file is stored in the track directory. If the renamed track cannot be loaded, you can just rename the directory to its original name and the track can be used ingame like before.

    PS: The tool do not modify the track.ini, so you have to edit it by yourself with a text editor, if you want to change the displayed name in ingames track list. The tool do not modify the calendar.ini in series/NASCAR, too. So you have to modify the track diretory entry of the renamed track by yourself, too, if the modified track is used in the championship schedule.

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