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Track Auto Club Speedway 2017 2018-02-12

Geometry and AI Update for Auto

  1. Matt Baker

    Matt Baker Well-Known Member

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    Matt Baker submitted a new resource:

    Auto Club Speedway 2017 - Geometry and AI Update for Auto

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. J.R.Franklin

    J.R.Franklin Well-Known Member

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    Love to see that more and more people are getting into track making and editing these days. We have a ton of great car painters for this sim which I am very thankful for, but we have been lacking in people who focus on track editing. Thanks Matt. Looking forward to more of your work in this regard in the future.
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  3. MCS

    MCS Active Member

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    Love your work!
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  4. JKB#7

    JKB#7 Well-Known Member

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    Great job on the track fun to drive.
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