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Average age ?

Discussion in 'General Community Discussion' started by nassau, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. nassau

    nassau Well-Known Member

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    It looks as if the future of this site is OK, if Saan Anguish has done his maths right. It will be better than mine .
    25.5 is good for some years yet.
  2. EarnhardtFan

    EarnhardtFan Residential Twitch Addict

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    It’s probably a little more or less if you count the rest of the second page and leave out Bowtie since he’s older than my grandma and a major outlier as far as what’s been sampled here.
  3. Junebugrocks88

    Junebugrocks88 The Wanderer of Sim Racing

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    I turn 19 in February and I've had NR2003 since early 2016. Started painting around February of last year and got really into painting last fall.

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