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Blender Sprint Car Render Scene

Discussion in '3d Model and Scene Showroom' started by martsol, Sep 8, 2014.

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  1. martsol

    martsol Well-Known Member

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    SCENE REFERENCES by DTR at Sim Racing Design
    PAINT by Jeremy Zumwalt at Sim Racing Design

    Preview render with optional parts hidden (hood scoop and front wing):

    Blender OWSC Sprint Car Mod Render Scene Conversion

    Thanks to Ssitruc for the original model and scene found at Racin Grafix.
    Thanks to DTR for his render scene references.

    You need to download the original scene for textures. Extract all the folders and files from the original Ssitruc scene into the same folder with the .blend scene file:
    3DS Max Render Scene

    Put these two additional .bmp images in the WheelStuff folder:
    (found in the extra WheelStuff.zip file)

    Hide these objects if you want to render without these parts:

    Template by MONSTARR:

    The scene object list is a bit of a mess like the original scene, but hopefully you can figure things out by selecting objects in the viewport. If you make any improvements or variations on the scene, please post them here.

    UPDATE: Small fix. New file is sprintcar-import38.zip

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    Last edited: Mar 6, 2015
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  2. Highbank

    Highbank Trans Am Car Set Creator

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    That's very informational and a nice scene, thanks for posting.
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