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Console & PC Video Games Discussion

Discussion in 'General Community Discussion' started by MattSRD28, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. dalejr88rox

    dalejr88rox Video editor, Meme Police, and certified B.A.M.F.

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    Oh shit I've literally never seen that before. Yeah Nintendo kinda messed up with the names of that generation. Naming your new console (Wii U) in the same manner you named all your Wii accessories and making the 3ds and 2ds the same system was a bad idea
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
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  2. EarnhardtFan

    EarnhardtFan Residential Twitch Addict

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    Yeah, marketing and naming were the main reason the Wii U flopped, along with minimal 3rd party support and a lot of people thought Nintendo was dead in the water in the console department after that. The Wii U is a good console and has great games but the formerly mentioned things dug it's grave.in late 2015/early 2016.
  3. MattSRD28

    MattSRD28 SRD Pick'em Series Commissioner Moderator

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    As someone who used to sell Wii U's to unknowing grandmothers and family members when it first came out (the economy sucked, don't judge!), I can personally vouch for how a complete lack of marketing, poor naming, and a generally awful communication of the system to the public ruined that system before it ever got off the ground. The looks I would get when I dropped the term "asymmetric gameplay" on people were amazing.

    Fortunately the Switch has basically succeeded in every place the Wii U failed and the success shows.
  4. EarnhardtFan

    EarnhardtFan Residential Twitch Addict

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    Yeah, the Switch is definitely a godsend for Nintendo. I’ve said this a few different places, but to think that in mid-late 2016 Nintendo’s console future was uncertain and that a lot of critics said that they should drop out of that business entirely, and that they are now at the top of the heap getting insane 3rd Party support with amazing marketing and nearly EVERY release being unbelievably hyped in one way or another, it’s just unreal. If Nintendo keeps up this trend they will be on top for years to come.

    I also really like how they’re avoiding isolating people who want to play Wii U games by rereleasing them on Switch, and some with added content to boot. (I can’t fucking wait for Captain Toad on Switch)
  5. Chevellion

    Chevellion SRD Cup League Director

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    Not sure if this was posted yet, but for those wishing to return to Paradise City, Burnout Paradise is re-releasing on XB1 and PS4 this Friday.

  6. nascarfan9

    nascarfan9 SRD's Future Meteorologist. Punning linguist.

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    HELL. YES. :D
  7. Saan Anguish

    Saan Anguish Inflictor of Pain

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    But guys, why not Burnout Revenge?
  8. sadlerfan21

    sadlerfan21 Well-Known Member

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    I want my Burnout 3 Takedown remaster.
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