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Daytona 500 Discussion

Discussion in 'NASCAR Discussion' started by AMLNet49, Feb 12, 2015.

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  1. Cornwallus

    Cornwallus Member

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    Thank god the officials in the flag stand are now wearing helmets. By NASCAR's logic every spectator should wear a helmet
  2. CarlEdwardsRulz

    CarlEdwardsRulz Can someone change that to Joey Logano?

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    I don't understand how the race winner of any race "doesn't deserve it"...

    Dale Jr goes on record all last week talking up how great his car is, and "we have the best car here...", I get it... he was one of the best cars out there, but when the rubber met the road and the last 20 or so laps appeared so did the #22. If Earnhardt Jr had the better car and deserved to win, he would have led all those laps instead of Joey... none of this, "well, if so and so would have gone with me here, I had the race won..." stuff. Just a little disgruntled reading some of the post race comments.

    While everyone is talking about who deserves to be holding the trophy, and all that nonsense, Joey has the trophy.

    Anyways, on to Atlanta...
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