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    So I just started collecting in October, honestly felt like Kyle was going to win the 2015 championship and my whole collection started around getting all of the race win cars. I don't own any special finishes YET, but I quickly fell in love with these little cars so for 2016, I plan on getting a few different finishes. That being said here is my collection! I also have 2 more in the mail I can't wait to get.
    What I have as of 3/30/16

    Peanut Butter M&Ms 2014

    Interstate Batteries 2014

    Sonoma Win Cripsy M&M 2015

    Indy 500 Win Skittles 2015 (Favorite Diecast)

    New Hampshire Win 2015 Interstate

    and lastly Erik Jones Autographed Interstate Batteries 2015

    As of now this is how I display them, but as you can see I'll run out of room quickly haha
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