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Does anyone still support rFactor?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by ti2blegrr, May 30, 2017.

  1. ti2blegrr

    ti2blegrr The Tigg

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    I'm getting back into it, really never left, just hardly used it. And it seems no one is talking about rFactor or even using it anymore, I could be wrong. To me, it seems the best sim for open wheels.

    Anyway I do have a question, I'm using the default trainer mod to learn tracks in different seasons of F1, most of those tracks are in track packs, i.e all the 1988's are in one folder, all the 2013's are in one, all the 1979's are in one and so on. My question is, why don't some of these show up as being able to race on in the default mod?

    Thanks for any help and advice.
  2. bassman58

    bassman58 Member

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    If you are doing the career mode you may not be able to access all tracks or vehicles as far as I can remember. There is a cheat to enable money. The other possibility is that the filter is blocking these tracks. RFactor tracks have a GDB file (open with notepad). Look for the line near the top , Filter Properties = Nascar Nextel 2005 SRGrandPrix OWChallenge. Add an asterisk. Filter Properties = Nascar Nextel 2005 SRGrandPrix OWChallenge *. This will allow any mod to use the track. The asterisk is a wildcard, if you ever used DOS. The 1988 tracks were supposed to be used with the AeroWar88 mod (the NR2003 conversion). From Virginia_88; Filter Properties = AeroWar88 . Just add the asterisk. I'm guessing that is the track pack you are referring to. The GP79 mod tracks add a filter to allow the mod to use their tracks hence the 1979 entries. I remember your name from NR2003 forums (The Pits).

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