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Discussion in 'SRD Camping World Truck Offline League' started by nj9703, Aug 8, 2016.

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    Well, I know it is incredibly early, but better early than late, right? First off, would you guys like to run the CWS13 mod at Eldora? I just kinda drummed up the idea based off of how some real teams do it to save money.

    Second off, and this is based on having 24 trucks like last season, I was thinking the starting lineup is set like this...

    1st- 1st heat pole
    2nd- 2nd heat pole
    3rd- 3rd heat pole
    4th- 4th heat pole
    5th- 1st heat outside pole
    6th- 2nd heat outside pole
    And so on.

    24 trucks divided into 4, 6 truck heats.

    Top 2 advance to the main in their respective positions, and the rest go to a "LCQ". Of course it won't be an LCQ unless we get more than 30 people next season. It'll just be a race that sets the rest of the positions. Each heat will be 20 laps. LCQ will be 10.

    Race Format
    Segment 1- 40 laps
    Segment 2- 30 laps
    Segment 3- 20 laps

    So how do you guys think it should go? We've still got a ways to go so you don't have to say immediately, but I'd like to hear your opinions by around the time next season starts up.

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    I say stick with the CWS15 mod, as that would realistically save the SRD Truck teams money if these races took place in real life instead, considering we didn't have the opportunity to see the Trucks run when we had the CWS13 mod.
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