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FSB Racing is looking for applicants.

Discussion in 'Online Racing' started by FillWarmer, Mar 16, 2020.

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    Fresno to Shell Beach Racing was founded to create a community of drivers that encourages sportsmanship and requires ethical conduct from its club members.

    FSB currently runs three 12 race championship seasons per year. At the beginning of 2020, we started our 36th season at FSB. Qualifying begins at the times posted below, and practice starts 1 hour before. (If qualifying is at 9:30 pm, the track opens at 8:30 pm). Also, you don't have to start racing at the beginning of the season, you can join anytime!

    Monday Nights - 9:30 pm EST: The FSB Cup Series, uses the Gen6BR15 cup mod, with all 750 horsepower.

    Tuesday Nights - 9:30 pm EST: The Super Speedway Series uses the cup mod with truck physics to produce tight, high-speed racing.

    - 11:00 pm EST: "The Chicken Run" uses the Aero 88 cars and is a shorter practice race for Friday's WCS Race.

    Wednesday Nights - 9:00 pm EST: A short sprint race is hosted in the NXS15 mod. It's known for its fast racing and fun tracks.

    [​IMG]- 9:30 pm EST: FSB makes a right turn with our "Road Rage" series! This series is ran in the Trans-Am mod.

    Thursday Nights - 9:30 pm EST: The FSB truck series runs with the CWS_2015 mod. It has 40% races with fast and steady setups.

    Friday Nights
    - 9:30 pm EST: We run our popular Winston Cup Series in the Aero88 mod. This race is also broadcasted on our youtube page to over 100 viewers!

    - 8:30 pm EST: The Black Cat Areo88 Series runs with an early start time, and uses team racing to score points!

    If you become the champion in one of our seasons above, FSB will send you a REAL trophy with your name on it!


    Applications are open. Our tryout process is about 1 month, in which you will be encouraged to race in events while demonstrating car control, a good positive attitude, and a good solid internet connection. If you like our club and are offered membership, dues are $20 per season. Click our Registration Page for more info and to apply: http://www.fsbracing.com/registration.html and click here for our Rules page: http://www.fsbracing.com/Rules.html

    Any questions I can happily answer in the comments :)

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