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How About Some SK Modifieds?... We've Got 'Em!

Discussion in 'NR2003 General Discussion' started by J.R.Franklin, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. J.R.Franklin

    J.R.Franklin Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    For those who love short track racing... and those ranks are growing every day... Ben Althen of Ground Pounder Designs has painted up some awesome SK Modifieds for the SiModified SK Mod that have just been posted in the Resource Section here at SRD!


    Check 'em out for some excellent "ground pounding" fun! Happy New Year from your friends at GPD! ;)

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  2. DrNoise

    DrNoise Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    great job fellas!
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  3. fela

    fela Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    The paints are beautiful, I've look on them a made a few laps.
    GPD is producing perfect and quality carsets. There is only one disadvantage for me - wish I have more time to sim-race more! (e.g. a full season with each carset...).
    Thanks a lot guys and all the best in 2018.
  4. Alan Harkleroad

    Alan Harkleroad SRD Site Administrator Admin

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    As always excellent work folks.
    J.R.Franklin and Ben Althen like this.
  5. Petty4345

    Petty4345 Well-Known Member

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    Great job on the set. Glad to see the modified mod still getting some love.
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