[SOLVED] How To Get The Ticker To Show Up?

Discussion in 'NR2003 - PC Support and Troubleshooting' started by nascarandindy, Jan 3, 2017.

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    I'm about to start running some races at 25% and working my way up to 100%, and I was wondering if there was a way for a ticker to show up during the race so that I could see where I was running, who's leading, how many laps to go, etc.
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    F1 key brings up laps, laps remaining, position, weather, and relative distance to the next driver for position ahead and behind you.
    F2 key brings up the full-field standings with the interval behind the leader. Pressing the space bar shows the relative distance to each car ahead and behind you.

    Spectating (offline leagues, etc.):
    S key brings up the full-field standings with interval behind the leader. Pressing the left and right arrow keys shows fastest lap times of the race, and the lap times you've run for each lap during the race.

    I don't believe there is an actual working ticker like the TV broadcasts that runs in real-time inside the game. All of the videos on YouTube that show a ticker have been edited into the video by the video creator.

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