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"I'm a hard workin' man"

Discussion in 'Showroom' started by Showstopper, Mar 30, 2010.

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  1. Showstopper

    Showstopper Well-Known Member

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    This is Sterling Marlin's 1999 Winston (all-star race) paint scheme. Brooks and Dunn teamed up with Coors Light to make this concept come together. I thought it was a beautiful car and I wanted to give it my best shot and put it on a Chevy Impala SS. The numbers are a bit different than what was on the 1999 scheme, the #40 digits use to be off balance, but I thought it looked better to use the latest version of the Ganassi #40. I hope you enjoy what I was able to put together.

    SS.net Chevy Impala by Jason Roush
    Base: me
    Numbers: Masgrafx
    Pictures: Brooks & Dunn photo's came from "Cowboy Town" (Bonus Tracks) Released in 2007.
    Logo's: Coors Light/Brooks & Dunn logo's/B-Piller logo's/sterling marlin signature/all other logo's came from yahoo image search (I had to play around with several of them to get end results).
    Renders: Big thanks to The Iceman (3 car scene), shark54321 (2 car scene) for their great renders.


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    Last edited: Mar 30, 2010
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  2. David24

    David24 Paint Crew Paint Crew

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    Now I never like cars with pictures of people on them, but that is the best one I've seen ever.

    And I never download fictional cars, but I would totally d/l this one.

    Great work my friend. :)
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  3. Josh Mertz

    Josh Mertz #JB17

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    I have the diecast of that.
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  4. TheEgg

    TheEgg Well-Known Member

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    whats wrong with cars with people on them?

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  5. Snoopy0626

    Snoopy0626 Well-Known Member

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    Any one can paint a real paint scheme with all the images

    To paint a fictional can be hard work ,plus you have more freedom for the paint scheme

    So what you are tell everyone is that all your car run at one track or another over the years on your system

    Please forget us:frown::frown:

    Snoopy & GLW

    By the way outstanding set of wheels
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  6. PepsiRacer4

    PepsiRacer4 The One and Only

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    Three words can only describe that: That is funny!
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  7. Cody88

    Cody88 Well-Known Member

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    I want to download the #40 Brooks and Dunn Car VERY VERY BADLY! That is one of the greatest paints ive ever seen. I also have that #40 Diecast as well, and I also have the #40 John Wayne one as well. I have tons and tons of Sterling Marlin #4 and #40 Stuff.
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