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Joe Gibbs Racing Expands to ARCA, names Riley Herbst as driver

Discussion in 'Auto Racing Discussion' started by Matthew124, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Matthew124

    Matthew124 Well-Known Member Banned

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    LAS VEGAS – Joe Gibbs Racing will expand into the ARCA Racing Series next year with a full-time entry for Las Vegas native Riley Herbst.

    The 17-year-old racer is coming off a season where he competed in the K&N NASCAR Pro East and West series. Under Bill McAnally Racing and NAPA Automotive, Riley completed 17 races, recording seven top-five and 13 top-10 finishing spots in the K&N East and West. Herbst also competed entered select super late model races under the Fury Racing banner with crew chief Jeff Fultz and the guidance of Tony Eury Sr. and Tony Eury Jr.

    He also did double duty as a rookie at the California Speedway in 2015, winning the track championship in the Irwindale Speed Trucks.

    Herbst grew up watching his father and grandfather compete in off-road racing classics such as the Baja 500 and Baja 1,000. After starting his racing career with go-karts at the age of 5, he progressed to trophy karts, legends cars, speed trucks, and super late models.

    “I grew up watching my dad compete in races like the Baja 500, so I’ve always wanted to be a racer myself,” said Herbst. “I’m so appreciative of Bill McAnally and his entire racing crew. They were an incredible group of people to work with and learn from. They were an instrumental part of my career. Having the opportunity to join Joe Gibbs Racing will take me to the next level.”

    In addition to the new ARCA program, the organization also boasts four NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championships and five NASCAR XFINITY Series Championships. This will be JGR’s first ARCA Racing Series entry.

    “It’s great to have Riley join Joe Gibbs Racing,” said Steve deSouza, executive vice president of XFINITY/Development. “He has experienced success in a variety of racing venues and we want to provide him the opportunity to continue that success at this level of competition.”

    Herbst’s will drive the No. 18 Toyota Camry in the ARCA Racing Series and his sponsor and crew chief will be announced at a later date.
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  2. MrDude68

    MrDude68 Occasional Backwards Driver

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    Love it. That's great for the ARCA Series for JGR to be fielding a car.
  3. KahneRacing945

    KahneRacing945 3-Time USORL Rally Winner

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    Riley Herbst about to dominate every race.
  4. Matthew124

    Matthew124 Well-Known Member Banned

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    I wouldn't place too many bets on him tbh. He didn't really do much in the K&N Pro Series considering his equipment.
  5. flyersfan4888

    flyersfan4888 I do things sometimes.

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    It's a bit closer than you think. I mean, the 77 will give him a run for it's money considering it's probably the only other Factory Supported car (22 will join them if they can find a driver) in ARCA, but the competition level is much much lower than K&N.
  6. 4WideRacing

    4WideRacing Well-Known Member

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    Should be fun to watch!
  7. Phoenix

    Phoenix The Meme

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    Wonder what they will do with the Venturini alliance.

    Also worth mentioning that the cars were purchased from Athenian Motorsports, and still no news has appeared about the Townleys' future.
  8. Junebugrocks88

    Junebugrocks88 The Wanderer of Sim Racing

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    Wouldn't surprise me if Athenian just does trucks, but it's also interesting because Athenian fielded Chevys and not Toyotas.

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