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Juan Pablo Montoya is replaced by Josef Newgarden

Discussion in 'Auto Racing Discussion' started by HJimenez42, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. HJimenez42

    HJimenez42 Well-Known Member

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    According to Jayski.com:
    Juan Pablo Montoya's place in U.S. motorsports is fading. He lost his ride after the 2016 IndyCar season and will be replaced by Josef Newgarden, Team Penske announced on Wednesday. Don't look for Montoya to get another crack at NASCAR. He spend nine seasons in the Cup series, winning two of 255 races. He drove most of them for Chip Ganassi's organizations and two for Penske in his final season, 2014. Those two wins were on road course; one at Sonoma, one at Watkins Glen. Initial reports suggested Montoya, who is from Colombia, could replace Newgarden with Ed Carpenter Racing.

    There's more into here: http://www.sportingnews.com/nascar/...r-ride-with-penske/11ywownffr11s1cduk4q9bqxnv

    I've read that Penske would offer JPM a car for the 2017 Indy 500, however Montoya is looking for a full year ride. I also read on Twitter (only rumors so far) that he could also go to IMSA if he doesn't find anything in IndyCar. I personally would like to see him in NASCAR again, but who knows...
  2. Phoenix

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