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Mass Shootings....

Discussion in 'Politics/Religion' started by MattyO, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. EarnhardtFan

    EarnhardtFan Residential Twitch Addict

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    I came in here to check a notification and suddenly find the origin for that damn feral hog meme......
  2. Skyline

    Skyline Graphic Designer Skyline Customs

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    Yes if we take the guns away it'll stop people from getting killed! That's how we stopped people from doing drugs!

    oh wait...
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  3. Chevellion

    Chevellion Former SRD Cup League Director

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    The biggest problem with the 2nd amendment has been humanity's ability to kill itself at an exponentially greater scale over the past 200+ years. Gone are the days of muzzle loaders and cavalry charges, having been replaced with M249s and A-10 airstrikes.

    Does Joe Shmoe civvie deserve the right to protect himself, his family, and his property? Abso-fuckin'-lutely. Does he need a 100-round drum mag to do so? Probably not. However ignorant some politicians are regarding a weapon's appearance effecting its lethality, there simply isn't a need for citizens to posses hi-cap mags. If you think some bodunk militia would ever be able to stand up against the US military anyway, regardless of quantity of bullets, boy howdy, are you in for a surprise. Your "average" mass shooter is no Jerry Miculek - limiting the rounds in their mags will reduce their ability to inflict more carnage, giving law enforcement more time to react, and save more lives.

    None of this, however, solves for the millions of weapons and mags currently in circulation. America's gun culture is nothing like what we saw in Australia or New Zealand, where people were happy to comply with stricter standards. Americans are too stubborn for that to work in any capacity. They'd have to play the long game - tighten the regulations through which firearms can be purchased and transferred. Mandate background checks and psych evals for potential buyers. Lengthen the wait period for securing a firearm. Put up more hurdles someone has to jump through to secure it - that'll at least dissuade some of these recent incel shooters, who opted for said path simply due to ease of access and use.
  4. nj9703

    nj9703 Very Stable Genius

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    I think that one step towards anything and to make some people listen to what others have to say is to stop with the demonizing of the AR-15. Once someone denounces that as “a weapon of war” for example, people aren’t going to listen. They don’t know what they’re talking about. If someone showed up in Iraq with an AR-15, they’d be a goner. It’s a piece of shit weapon with less power than most of the hunting rifles that people say should still be allowed. First step towards anything is no doubt education, and that goes for both sides. Side step is fixing our mental health issues and to stop glorifying past shooters, so that Johnny or Billy down the street doesn’t think that the only way to regain his place in the world is to shoot everybody down.
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  5. RacerXero84

    RacerXero84 Obnoxious old fart

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    So. Much. This.

    1st tour: M16A2
    2nd tour: M16A2 with M4 conversion
    3rd tour: M4 with full tactical rail system and an M9

    A fair chunk of my people in the unit I was in loved various types of firearms. NONE OF THEM owned the AR-15; because it's a low powered, inaccurate, jamming POS that resembles a military-grade weapon in looks only.
    For the most part, it was various types of pistols (SigSauer, Rugers mainly), shotguns (which were far more easily concealed than an AR-15), and various rifles (I drooled over the ACR, the military grade variant was a thing of beauty) and a few of the sniper variety.

    But the AR-15 is demonized because it *looks* aggressive, and because it seems to be the weapon of choice of mass murdering dickwits that clearly have zero taste in firearms, nor any actual respect for them or people.

    TO BE HONEST: If that singular make of weapon was banned, I'd actually be ok with it... because it sucks that bad any damn way lol But It's been made VERY clear (especially since the onset of the Dem Debates) that the AR-15 is just the mascot of their intentions, which is to take all firearms they don't like away. Oh.... and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.... I'd like to see that super-heavy, .50-cal AR-15 you spoke of. Because I might actually be interested in that lol

    Beto can get bent. If he thinks rounding up illegal immigrants would be tough, but going door to door 'buying back' (cant do that, you never owned it in the first place) will be simple, he's more ignorant that I gave him credit for. Also, I don't think he would pass the background check in order to take possession lmao
  6. mtblillie

    mtblillie Well-Known Member

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    Listen, I don't really care if magazine sizes get restricted, at worst it makes target shooting a pain because you have to reload more often. But I'm not really sure why people think that forcing a shooter to reload more often is going to change the amount of shooting they are going to do. Keep in mind this video is of a pro shooter, so she is going to be a lot faster than most at reloading, but it gives you an idea how fast a shooter can reload and keep going.
  7. Chevellion

    Chevellion Former SRD Cup League Director

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    Yes, the AR-platform rifles are an unfortunate casualty of this debate. I've fired several iterations (AR-15, SCAR-H, G36, etc) and, aside from ergonomic preference, the round handled more or less the same.

    The fundamental failure of most non-educated folks is visual: the M4/M16 platform has been so ingrained into US culture that its very silhouette is associated with the military, as a fully-automatic weapon of war. They couldn't tell you the difference between an AR15 or M16. They don't know that pistol vs. rifle grip doesn't effect accuracy. It just looks "meaner" to them. It's much easier to sell people on ignorance, when information is provided in such a dominant, one-sided fashion (one of the many things I dislike about senators like Feinstein-CA).

    That's what I'm saying though with these last few shooters. Seconds count, and I doubt Pat Crusius in el Paso would've been doing speed running drills to compensate for a mag cap (which TX doesn't have).

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