NASCAR Heat PC FPS issues

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by CoyDoesMCPE, Sep 10, 2016.

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    So I just got NASCAR Heat for my laptop (not Heat Evolution), but I am having really bad framerates, not when I am in practice, but when I am in a race, it lags really badly, even when the graphics are turned all the way down.
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    Not sure why you didn't post your issue out at TMS, since you registered there today.. Did you install the new Heat Core?

    Basically from what I remember if your running on an Intel integrated graphics chip and it's drivers for Windows 8.0. Folks have experienced that problem.
    Try this:

    - Open up your graphics properties (I'm assuming it's an Intel chip) and change all the settings to "Performance".
    - Reduce the in-game resolution using "Heat Resolution Changer" included with Heat Core. Try dropping it as low as you can and see if your machine can drive that low resolution as a better FPS.
    - Ensure "High Detail Cars" is unchecked in-game Options/Graphics pages for the mod your testing.

    If I'm wrong in assuming that your on 8.0 operating system, post over at and will get you sorted out..


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