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New Member Introduction - OG Rising from the Dead

Discussion in 'General Community Discussion' started by Slipster17, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. Slipster17

    Slipster17 "Terrifying Cones Since 1983"

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    Hey everyone!
    I stumbled in here while searching for a graphic to finishing painting a car for my 2 year old (Been watching Cars 3 ad-nausium for a month now) and I thought, ya know - life is pretty stable right now and I should really get back into some of the graphic hobbies I enjoyed so much years ago.

    So, I'd like to formally re/introduce myself: name is Slip and I'm old, lol. I was in middle school and painting cars for the original Papyrus version of these games back when we still only had a 256 color palette to work with. Nascar Racing, 2, 3, 2002, 2003.... I raced, I designed and eventually got to working with amazing crew over at SBR (Summers Bros. Racing for those not familiar). I was a member of that team throughout college and sparsely thereafter before life took over as it has a way of doing and I fell away from the sim community.

    Now, after a decade+, a handful of moves between 3 states, marriage, several jobs and 2 kiddos later - here I am ready to dive back in to a pastime I used to love so much. I have a huuuuuge collection of old files, templates, graphics, you name it and am more than happy to share knowledge and experience while looking forward to creating new works.

    I'm sure a lot has changed in the landscape since I've been gone - anyone up for giving me a breakdown of anything I should know? I still have 2003 installed, no car mods, my trusty Photoshop CS3 painting engine and an antiquated viewer (for judging paint progress outside of the game) - I used to have a spat of rendering files for 3DS Max, but those are lost to time somewhere I fear. Where should I go from here?
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  2. MrDude68

    MrDude68 Occasional Backwards Driver

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    The default location to find a lot of the community's projects now is http://nr2k3.weebly.com. I would suggest checking that out first. Then go visit @Mystical's website, http://racing.armorydigital.net. There's a lot more to speak of, but that's where I would start (plus I'm about to head out to work lol).

    Welcome back man.
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  3. USSTalladega

    USSTalladega Making a comeback!

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    Wow, welcome back!

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