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New Track - Auto Club 2017

Discussion in 'NR2003 General Discussion' started by Matt Baker, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Matt Baker

    Matt Baker Well-Known Member

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    This is a completely overhauled version of Auto Club Speedway. The geometry and track width have been completely redone with more changes that are mentioned below.

    1. Turn 3/4 apron is now raceable with the banking increased.
    2. Track is now the appropriate width down the straights and in the corners.
    3. Added backstretch bumps.
    4. Adjusted the tire wear and track grip for realistic lap time and fall off over the course of the run.
    5. The AI have been adjusted to run the whole track, which makes restarts pretty entertaining. With the way the AI is configured, you can get long green flag runs or the 'cautions breed cautions' scenario.
    6. Prior California/Auto Club Speedway setups should only require minor tweaks to work on this track.
    7. Added grip on the entrance and exit of the pits for more realistic pit exit and entrance speeds.
    8. Thanks to the guys at FSE for allowing me to use their objects. I used objects that were in their 2012 version of the track.

    I apologize for the size of the track. I tried to create a DAT file with a couple programs, but the only program that worked was the one that made the large DAT file. AutoClub1.jpg AutoClub2.jpg AutoClub3.jpg AutoClub5.jpg
  2. InsideLine

    InsideLine Hey Man! Careful there's a beverage here!

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    Thank You Matt! I live 8 miles west of this track and can't wait to try it! ;)
    Matt Baker likes this.
  3. Devonja

    Devonja Member

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    Thanks for making the track it looks nice
    Matt Baker likes this.
  4. gojimmie

    gojimmie Well-Known Member

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    I tried it last night! Very nice! Thanks!
    Matt Baker and InsideLine like this.
  5. SlickRacer77

    SlickRacer77 Well-Known Member

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    Nice! One of my top 5 favorite big tracks!
    Matt Baker likes this.

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