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NXS In Another Dimension 2018

Discussion in 'Showroom' started by burtonbraves, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Thanks guys!

    Here is the last bunch! These are all I have planned for now, but I'm gonna think about it for a couple days and see if there are any more I wanna do. Hope y'all enjoy and thanks again for all the support!


    http://s20.postimg.org/tzqefiey5/92_1994_L_Pearson.jpg (Sponsor asked to keep the black numbers...actually I just thought they looked badass haha)






  2. MrDude68

    MrDude68 Occasional Backwards Driver

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    Ooh the 61 throwback is all kinds of beautiful (not to mention the 49, 60, 12, 71...)
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  3. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Here we are! I thought about it and I think this is all for now, so I might as well release to all of you! Enjoy! 20 schemes in TGA forms so you can just throw them on the other car files. Just don't forget to back up the originals if you plan to use these! If you happen to lose something just let me know and I'll post it! This includes 20 schemes as well as the #71 with Dave Marcis' name on it (it accidentally slipped in there when I made the archive haha)


  4. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Instead of starting a new thread, could a mod possibly rename this thread "NXS In Another Dimension 2018" please? Thank you!

    And yes! Its that time again, you didn't think I'd leave you without the Xfinity Series did ya? Well, I kinda did...haha. But nope! I will say though, the majority of the cars are the same as last year, just with updated contigs. But there are some new schemes, new sponsors, new drivers, and new teams! So I guess I'll start now!

    Marianne Tanner had a pretty solid 2017 season for the single car team of Mike Fields Motorsports. The 25 year old from Hilton Head, SC drove her way to 20th in points, with 1 top 5 and 4 top 10s. She will return full time to the #42 Toyota this season looking to continue to improve.

    Marine Federal Credit Union will return as primary for 27 races.

    Anest Iwata Spray Equipment will cover the remaining 7 races.

    Here we have the 3 car Toyota team of Byron York Racing. This team really is out there just to ride around with hopes of possibly one day of being able to compete, but for now they are just doing what they can. Their drivers are Paul Randolph in the #3, Sam Murdoch in the #7, and Dustin Rodman in the #37. Rodman has been scouted as a very solid racer, but just needs some better equipment to showcase his talents.




    Thanks for looking! Stay tuned :)
  5. Cutch22

    Cutch22 That Pittsburgh Fan

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    Ahhh, truth be told - this is my favorite fictional series of yours. Very excited for the 2018 version. Also Moest excited to see one of the cars you threw out on your tweeter.
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  6. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    The set is actually complete, I'm just slowly revealing the cars haha

    Here are our next 2 teams!

    First up we have the #04 of Stephen Marcus, the first Toyota for Creighton Motorsports. Marcus had an alright year in 2017 considering his equipment, he had 1 top 5 with 3 top 10s and he finished 31st in the standings. Looking for some better results in 2018 he adds a new part time sponsor.

    Mercury Marine will return to the #04 though this year, covering 31 of the races.

    Online tool supplier Zoro Tools will cover the remaining 3 races.

    Next is the second Creighton Motorsports car, the #40 of Uriah Praytor. He started to pick it up at the end of last season, so hopefully he can carry the momentum here into 2018. Last year he finished 24th in the standings with 3 top 5s and 8 top 10s.

    WD-40 will return to the #40 Toyota this year, covering every race.

    Next we have the 2 car Toyota team from Atlanta, GA, SPY Motorsports. Our first driver is behind the wheel of the #71 again this year. Kevin Elway is a 36 year old from Charleston, SC and absolutely loves the sport. He doesn't care where he finishes, as long as he's able to be on track or at least at it. Even though he takes it easy most times, he had a solid 2017 season. He scored 2 top 5s with 4 top 10s en route to a 32nd place finish in the standings. Looking for another consistent season, he picks up slight sponsorship for the year in Dealstream, who will be on the #71 Toyota all year long.

    Here is the second SPY Motosports car, Chris Sandalsky. He is another guy who just likes being at the track, and to have fun while he's out there. Even though he kind of rode around last year trying to conserve his equipment, he still finished 28th in points with 2 top 5s. He has picked up additional sponsorship from Vigoro, as well as a little bit of funding from The Home Depot. He's looking to have a better season this year to impress his new sponsors. This team has been working with newly formed Cup team Durand Motorsports as well, so the results for both cars might just pick up.
  7. pomcat

    pomcat Well-Known Member

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    Love your spoiler and the cars
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  8. Dodgeman4345

    Dodgeman4345 Well-Known Member

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    I think that HD is car is the worst one you have ever painted. Lol. Sorry I had too.

    Lowe's Employee
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  9. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    ^whoops :p

    Here's the next team! Revved Up Racing is the powerhouse Toyota team, who currently operate in Cup, Xfinity, and the Truck series. They will field 4 time entries in the Xfinity Series this year.

    First we have the #96 of Deon Palmer. Palmer is definitely one of the top 5 drivers in the field today, and even has a part time Cup ride starting this year as well. The 22 year old had a solid season in 2017. He didn't come on until later in the year but once he did he was on fire. He scored 3 poles, 3 wins, 9 top 5s and 21 top 10s en route to a 5th place finish in the standings. Looking to have a better year all around, Palmer returns with a lot of confidence entering the season.

    Fedex will continue to sponsor the #96 car this year for 29 races.

    Chase Bank will also be on the car part time starting this year for the remaining 5 events.

    Next up returning to the Xfinity Series this year is Xavier Carson. The 27 year older driver of the #83 is always consistently around the top 15. He takes care of his equipment and gets it home in one piece. He finished top 10 in points last year with 1 win, 5 top 5s, and 11 top 10s. Looking to improve on that a little this year, Irwin Tools and Black & Decker return to the #83 car in 2018.

    Irwin Tools will be on the car for 24 races.

    While Black and Decker will be on the car for 10.
  10. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Making his first few starts in the Xfinity Series will be our next Revved Up Racing driver. Michael F. Chambers is a 31 year old from Waterbury, CT, and has been racing around New England for about 15 years now, with mild success. This car last year was the #36 of Hideo Suzuki. Suzuki was a very successful Formula 1 driver, who wanted to try his hand at stock cars. It didn't go too bad actually, as he finished 21st in points with 7 top 10s. But at the end of last season, Suzuki decided he wanted to try another venture, something he might be more competitive at. Who knows, maybe we'll see him again down the line? But, anyways, due to an opening on the powerhouse Toyota team, they were looking for a driver who could make laps, keep the car in one piece, and be competitive as well as bring some funding to the table. They seem to have found the right fit so far, in the first 11 races, he sits 12th in points and he even won his first career race on the high banks of Auto Club. Looking for more success in the newly numbered #29 team, Chambers is very excited to continue the season.

    The Connecticut native brings his long time partner Long John Silver's to the Xfinity Series this year, convincing them that he and this team can shine if given the opportunity.

    Next up we have a guy who raced in the Truck Series last year, but will make the move up to Xfinity this year, thanks to a dedicated sponsor and an open seat. This team was the #38 from last year, and although Renee Wilson brought it to victory lane at Talladega, the rest of the year was a struggle. She finished 34th in points with only 3 top 10s. Looking for someone to hop in and fill the seat for the time being, 25 year old Brett Parsons seemed to fit the mold the best. He hails from Anaheim, CA, and had a solid 2017 in the truck series. He drove for Marksman Motorsports, which all of last year struggled to find speed. Parsons managed to score a huge victory last year, and also went on to score 14 top 10s en route to a top 15 finish in the points. Considering his equipment, that was very surprising. Hoping to keep the strong runs going heading into 2018, he steps into the seat of the newly numbered #94 Toyota. So far this season, Parsons has had some good runs early in the races, with a lot of top 10 appearances, but either poor pit stops, mechanical failures, or poor restarts have him sitting 30th in points right now still looking for that first top 10 finish.

    Traxxas will follow Parsons to Xfinity this year, splitting the schedule even and covering 17 races.

    Castrol will cover the remaining 17 races, agreeing to stay with Revved Up Racing after the departure of Suzuki.

    Next up we have our first Ford team! Long Haul Racing is another team that fields cars/trucks in all of Nascar's series. They have a lot of talent coming up the vine, and possibly at the top of the list would be this driver. 26 year old Jess McNeal from Gainesville, FL is one you always, always have to keep your eye on. She had an incredible rookie season last year, leading the points for the majority of the season until some bad luck put her back to finish 3rd. A lot more positives though for this team than negatives. Although she didn't win the title, her teammate Brandon DeMarco in the #60 did, putting both of their fielded cars on the podium at the end of the year. That was huge for this team. McNeal is back with a vengeance this year though. After her 2 wins, 15 top 5s and 22 top 10s last year, she's still looking for more. So far so good in 2018, she just took the points lead after Talladega, and she already has 2 wins, 5 top 5s, and 8 top 10s in 11 races. She might be the one to beat for sure this year, but we'll have to wait and see!

    Ollie's Bargain Outlet will return to the #06 Ford this year for every race.

    Lastly for this small update, we have a guy who will be making his first few starts in an Xfinity car this year with a part time schedule for Long Haul Racing. One of the most promising truck stars will run 12 races in the #60 Ford this year. Elliott Winowich has 4 total truck wins in the series starting at the beginning of 2017. He's already won at Auto Club in his truck this year, and with the former driver of the #60 getting bumped up to the Cup series, LHR has decided to give the Richmond, IN kid a shot. He's made 5 starts so far this year in Xfinity, and has 1 top 10 with an average finish of 18th. There's definitely a learning curve, but we're looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the 22 year old.

    His new truck sponsor Tyco International will cover the 12 races he is slated to run. They are looking forward to this new partnership, hoping it turns into something more.

    Thanks for looking! More coming very soon.
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  11. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Next up we have the 2 car Ford team from Mooresville, NC. Shaines Motorsports fielded 3 entries last year, but after some poor performance from the #59 car, they have downsized to focus on their 2 primary cars. This team will have an alliance with Cup/Xfinity powerhouse Ford team Great American Racing beginning this season.

    First up we have the #4 of Wade Raines. Raines is a guy who, when he's good, he's really good, but when he struggles, its very known. Last season he finished 26th in points, with 4 top 5s and 8 top 10s, including a win early in the season. He's hoping to have some more consistency this year, but so far through the first ~third of the season, he's showing more of the same. He has 2 top 10s, but sits 28th in points after a string of bad races. He's hoping to get his season back on track before we reach the halfway mark.

    Invesco will return to the #4 as primary sponsor this year, covering 27 of the races.

    Sage Software will hop over from the now closed #59 team to cover 7 races for the #4.

    Here is the second entry for Shaines Motorsports this year, 26 year old Jimmy Mitchell. Jimmy is another driver, similar to his teammate Raines. He can be really, really strong, but then have weekends where he can't drive his way out of the top 25. Last year he finished just a little better than his teammate in points, coming home in 23rd with 6 top 10s. This season started out the same, but in the past few weeks he's really started to turn it around. Not too long ago, he was sitting 30th in points looking for his first top 10. He finally scored that at race #9 on the season at Pocono, coming home 4th. Since then he's put together a string of a few good finishes, with 3 straight top 12s. He's sitting 16th in points right now, and hoping his season continues to look up.

    Cartridge World will return to the #90 team this year for the majority of the races, running this scheme in 31 events.

    Biotene will cover the remaining 3 races for the Washington native.
  12. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Our next team is another 2 car effort, this time its Sanchez Racing from Hartford, CT. This team is owned and managed by 32 year old Vann Sanchez and his family. They don't have the best equipment, but often surprise a lot of people running both cars in the top 10.

    First up we have the team owner's car, the #32. With last year being the first attempts for this team, they weren't really sure what to expect. Fortunately for the new team, things went very well over the course of the season. Last year, he put together a very solid season, finishing 11th in points. He scored only 3 top 5s, but with 13 top 10s, his consistency was key. Looking to continue his success, he heads to 2018 with a lot of confidence. So far it's been hit and miss for Sanchez this year, he has 3 top 10s but is 26th in points after a few bad finishes in a row. He's hoping to turn it around here soon and get back to the top 10.

    Ascension Health returns to the #32 this year for all of the races.

    Here is the second entry Sanchez Racing fields, the #12 of Colby Macintosh. Colby is a very consistent driver, who often puts up results which are arguably better than the equipment should get. Last year he fared very similiar to his teammate, with 2 top 5s and 11 top 10s. He finished 17th in points, which was a very solid debut season for the now 20 year old from Keizer, OR. This season is heading a bit better, and has already doubled his top 5 amount from last year. He's currently top 10 in points with 4 top 5s and 5 top 10s. He's looking to continue his hot season heading into the summer months.

    Broadridge Financial Solutions will jump on board the #12 this season, covering 18 races.

    Cardinal Services will return to the #12 and will be on the car for 16 races.

    Next up we have the one car team from Jacksonville, FL. Tornado Motorsports fields 4 full time Cup cars, including the 2016 Championship winning car. Their Xfinity program is fairly new, and is continuing to improve their performance each week. This team fields one Ford Mustang, for the 26 year old Kip Richardson. He's a pretty quiet driver, but gets the job done on most occasions. He's yet to win a race, but still had a very solid 2017 season. He finished 6th in points, with 7 top 5s and 18 top 10s. He started the season this year just like that, but has had some poor finishes putting him back to 21st in points right now. Luckily, this team knows they have the speed, they just need to finish the deal. He already has 4 top 10s this year, and is looking to add to that very soon.

    Pemex will come back to the #49 as primary this year, covering 30 of the races.

    Crowley Maritime will cover the remaining 4 races for the #49 car. Tornado Motorsports has closed the #49 Cup team after being unable to qualify for any of the first 13 races.
  13. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Next up is our final Ford team. Great American Racing fields 2 Cup cars, as well as 2 Xfinity cars starting this year. Last season they only had the #77 running full time, but they are adding a new rookie to the team for 2018.

    First up, we have the #77 of Kyle Spraker. The 23 year old from Detroit had a lot of rookie follies last season, but started to come on strong in the second half of the year. He ended up finishing 14th in points with 6 top 5s and 9 top 10s. Knowing 2018 would most likely see better results, the team was really looking forward to the new season. The #77 car has also gained a new primary sponsor, signing on for over half the races. So far this year it's gone pretty well. He sits 4th in points with 8 top 5s and 9 top 10s. Spraker is shaping up to be one of the most consistent guys in the garage and is hoping to break into the win column very soon.

    Pizza Hut has signed on board to sponsor 22 of the events this year.

    Anker will return to cover the remaining 12 races.

    Next up we have another brand new face to the Xfinity Series. Great American Racing will open up a new full time team for 19 year old Emily Lockwood from Portage, WI. Lockwood has been racing around the midwest oval scene for a few years now, winning multiple events and turning some heads. Knowing the owners of GAR, she was able to get them to come out to one of her races, which she happened to dominate in a field of fully established racers. This as well as her other successes made her the front runner for the new seat. Fortunately for her, she also has attracted a full time sponsor for her first season, and hopes to prove that she can run with the top dogs. So far this year has gone very well for the 19 year old. She's already scored a pole, as well as 2 top 5s in the first third of the year. She hopes to really come into her own as the season goes on.

    Georgia-Pacific will jump on board to the #72 Ford this season.

    Next up we have the one car team of Brian Daniels, running for his own team Daniels Motorsports. The 39 year old isn't out there to win, or even compete for a top 10. He's just out there to have fun, and he has a lot of it. He has funding for the whole year and even though isn't very competitive, he's an asset to the sport for his heart and his personality alone.

    Daniels will return in the same #8 Dodge from last year, still sponsored enough by Ferris Mowers to run every race.

    Following him will be a guy in a very similar situation, the #00 for Quizo Racing. Jack Quizo is a 38 year old from Texas, who also happens to be very good friends with Brian Daniels. They often help each other with set ups as well as repairs and maintenance. They have both been racing for about 20 years now and still to this day love going out on the track, despite how they might run. The two drivers are usually racing for the 30th position, but they look good, and have fun doing it.

    CityPASS returns to the #00 Dodge this year, as they have grown to appreciate what Quizo does and support however he wants to run his team.
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  14. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Keepin' em rolling!

    Next up we have our primary Dodge team, fielded out of Charlotte, NC. Cloud 9 Racing runs 2 full time Challengers with 2 very talented drivers behind the wheel.

    First up we have the 20 year old Lexi Dixon, who might just be the most surprising story of the past year or so. When Dixon was hired late in 2016 to drive the #9, not much was expected of her. They figured she might be able to rack up some top 20s and maybe the occasional top 10, and that's exactly how the year began. About halfway through the season though, it was like a switch flipped for this team. They started firing on all cylinders and began to climb their way up the standings. Over the course of the season, she scored 2 wins, 7 top 5s, and 17 top 10s to finish 8th in points. Entering her second full season, Dixon continues to be the buzz around the garage. She's already off to a hot start here in 2018 as well through the first 13 races. She sits 7th in points, and scored wins at Texas and Pocono, and was leading at Kansas on the final lap when she got passed exiting turn 4. Either way though, she looks to continue her success and keep turning heads as she works her way up the ladder.

    ITW Brands will continue to sponsor the #9 this year for the whole season. The main scheme will be the Rain-X/Miller Welders colors, but word is ITW might start advertising their other various brands on the car as well. We'll just have to wait and see!

    Next up we have the second Cloud 9 Racing entry. The #45 Dodge is driven by 28 year old Shawn Knight. The Marietta, GA native is a solid driver, and his team is often seen using strategy to improve their finishes. Knight does a good job communicating with his team as well and usually gets better during the races. He had a pretty solid 2017 season as well, finishing top 20 in points and he even scored a win with 8 top 10s to go with it. He's looking for another good year in 2018. Right now just after the 1/3 mark of the season, Knight sits 25th in points, but his crew chief pulled a bold strategy play earlier in the year at Atlanta. Knight and the #45 team were running just outside the top 15 when the caution came out with about 35 to go. With nothing really to lose, the #45 came down pit road for fresh rubber, which as we all know is crucial at a track like Atlanta. When the green flag waved with 30 to go Knight put the throttle down and tore through the field. He went from 14th to 1st in about 15 laps to win by over 6 seconds. It was truly impressive to watch that drive, but unfortunately that's by far the highlight of their year. They are hoping to turn it around soon before it gets too late in the year.

    Domino's Pizza will return to the #45 with the same scheme as last year for all 34 races this season.

    Next up we have another team who is surprising a lot of people...just not in the right way necessarily. Pepsico Motorsports currently fields 2 Cup cars, 2 Xfinity cars, and 1 Truck. They have a strong alliance with Dodge and get a lot of their equipment straight from them. They haven't been back in the sport too long, so things are coming along slowly. But they are making progress, and it's been seen in all 3 series.

    First up we have the driver of the #14 Dodge, Mark Callen, a 24 year old from Columbus, OH. Callen is a pretty lowkey guy, often just riding around and making laps, showing flashes of brightness every once in a while. For the most part though, he runs midpack at best. Fortunately the team really likes him, and he doesn't tear up much equipment, so he's keeping the seat for now until they find a reason to move him. He finished 29th in points last season after struggling all year, and this year doesn't seem to be much better so far. He scored 2 top 10s last year and right now has 1 top 10 this year, sitting 31st in points. That lone top 10 actually was also his first career top 5, coming at Kansas. The #14 team played the fuel strategy game with about 15 other drivers, and it paid off for them as they came home 5th.

    Mountain Dew will continue their presence in all 3 series by sponsoring the #14 car all year long.

    Next up we have the second Pepsico driver, this one also hailing from Columbus. Brody Quade is a year older than his teammate, but is often considered the "younger brother" of the two, mainly since Quade is a lot more outgoing, and messing with Callen whenever he gets a chance. He has a decent following and he runs decent as well. The #41 last season finished 18th in points, with 3 top 5s and 7 top 10s. The strongest stat from last year though may have been that he only had 1 DNF all year. He takes care of his stuff, and often brings it home in a solid finishing position. This year started off pretty strong for the 25 year old, but has fallen off lately. Right now he's 19th in points with 3 top 10s and a pole. Looking to get back on track here, Quade and the #41 crew are heading into the summer with a positive outlook after finishing 11th in the most recent race.

    Pepsi Zero Sugar will be on the car again this year for all of the events.
  15. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Before I continue on, thought I'd post a few additional schemes for teams that have already been revealed!

    The #32 of Vann Sanchez has secured a new primary sponsor for 5 races this year. Safe Streets USA by ADT will be on the car starting in the next few races.

    Michael F. Chambers and Revved Up Racing have signed on Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies for a 6 race deal this season.

    Todd Kingston in the #27 will start a new partnership with non-profit tissue donor bank MTF Biologics. This deal will be for 7 races as primary on the car.

    Next up we have another new face to the Xfinity Series for a part time schedule starting at Daytona. Holden Collins is a 19 year old from Denver, CO. He currently races for Long Haul Racing in the Truck Series, and has been very successful. Last season as an 18 year old he stunned a lot of people by finishing top 5 in points. He racked up 2 wins, 13 top 5s, and 18 top 10s over the course of the 2017 season. He also scored 4 poles and was always up battling for a top 10 spot. So far this year has gone...not according to plan. He's sitting 29th in points right now, but that is not a testament to how he's been running. He only has 2 top 10s, one of those a win at Charlotte, and he followed that up with a 3rd place finish at Chicago Motor Speedway. Unfortunately, those are the *only* highlights this year for him. He's been caught up in other people's accidents 5 times, and had an engine blow while leading as well leaving him with 6 DNFs in 15 races. He's hoping to turn it around soon as they know they have the speed, they just need some better luck.

    Collins will start his part time Xfinity career soon, driving the #60 Tyco International Mustang for Long Haul Racing, splitting the ride with his truck teammate Ellott Winowich. Collins is slated for 6 races in the #60 this year.
  16. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    As was mentioned two posts up, ITW Brands will be stepping up their support of the #9 Dodge of Lexi Dixon. They will be running a total of 5 different schemes this year for some of their various brands. They are excited to begin this long term partnership with Dixon and Cloud 9 Racing, and look forward to getting their different schemes on track!

    The Rain-X/Miller Welders car posted above will run for a total of 14 races this year. The other 4 schemes will run for 5 races each.

    The first of the four new schemes is for ITW Buildex, who have many different brands of screws, anchors, and other fastening equipment.

    The next one is for an incredibly useful resource that everyone should have in their car, shed, or garage. ITW will run this Fix A Flat scheme this year. This scheme is based off of the Fix A Flat cans you can find in most stores.

    Next up the #9 will run this Wynn's Additives scheme, hoping that it sticks out on track as well as the front of the pack.

    And lastly for this small update, Dixon will run this Ramset Nail Gun and power tool scheme.

    Thanks for looking! I'll try to post some more of these updates during the week!
  17. BrendonH12

    BrendonH12 Lover of Jesus! #CarolinaStrong

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  18. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    Thanks bud! Have a bunch more to reveal!

    Here we have the one car team from Richmond, VA. Westfield Motorsports fields the #35 Dodge for 27 year old Darryl Mayhew. Mayhew is a "veteran" of the Xfinity Series, racing in it now for a number of seasons. He's very happy with where he is, and he knows he could probably compete in Cup, but for now he's just making a living having a successful Xfinity career. Last season Mayhew continued to add on to his impressive career numbers, finishing 4th in points. He scored 4 poles, 3 wins, 15 top 5s, and 19 top 10s with only 1 DNF all year. He is one of the main competitors on the circuit and you always have to watch out for him. He's very aggressive and isn't afraid to show his displeasure either, so if you see him in your rearview, you should probably speed up or get out of the way. He's had a decent start to this season, sitting 10th in points right now after 13 races. He has 3 top 10s with an average finish of 15.62. He's looking to improve on that like they know they can as the season progresses.

    Miller Lite returns to the #35 Dodge as primary in 24 races this year.

    Cricket Wireless will also step up to the primary role in 10 races this season.

    Xavier Carson in the #83 for Revved Up Racing has a slightly different Black & Decker scheme he will run in the rest of their slated races this year.

    Jimmy Johns will also step up to cover 4 races this year after Carson's solid start. Right now he's 16th in points including 4 top 10s and a win at Talladega a couple weeks ago!
  19. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    After the final Dodge team was revealed, we now head into the Chevrolet teams. There are 6 in total and they vary in performance, with 2 of them having Cup team alliances.

    First up we have the single car team of Sierra Motorsports, with owner/driver Oscar Sierra behind the wheel of the #25 Camaro. The 41 year old has been racing for nearly 20 years now and always finds a way to bring it home better than he should. He has very little sponsorship and he really is just here because he's not ready to hang it up yet. He's still got the passion to be out on track, and although he only had 1 top 10 last year, finishing 35th in points, the Phoenix native loves everything about being at the racetrack. Currently he's sitting 35th in points, but has 7 top 30 finishes so far, which for this small, understaffed and underfunded team, is pretty cool. He even finished a very solid 12th at Las Vegas earlier in the year, which was a nice bump in his mojo, as well as his funding.

    Sierra has driven the #25 most of his career, and will continue to do so with his Camaro this year. He has Bulkmatic on the car in a light sponsorship role, but for the most part this team just scrapes by.

    Next we have the 2 car team of Reznor Racing, based out of Charlotte, NC. Simon Reznor is a successful agricultural engineer from the South, and opened this team a few years back for his son to pursue his racing passion.

    His son, Louie Reznor is 25 years old and does a very solid job with what he has. The equipment isn't as top notch as some of the teams he's competing against, but that doesn't mean he can't outrun them on talent alone. On the surface, you look at this team and you see top 20. They have a solid crew, solid engineers, and decent equipment, but a wheelman in the seat. Last season, Reznor powered his way to a 7th place finish in the points. He scored 2 poles, 9 top 5s, and 12 top 10s. The most impressive stat though was the 3 wins he picked up over the course of the year. He's worked hard to be where he is, despite what people think of him. He hopes to have some more success as the years go on. This season hasn't been the best though, sitting 23rd in points with 3 top 10s. He had a rough first 8 races, but has seemed to begin to turn it around here lately. He has top 10s in 3 of the last 5 races and is showing some more speed and consistency. They just have to get the bad luck out of the way and they think they can start contending for wins again soon.

    Terminix will return to the #20 Chevy this year, covering 29 races.

    Kurnia Insurance will hop on board this year for 5 races.

    Next up is the 2nd Reznor Racing entry. This car runs a bit more like what people expect out of this team. John Volsing is 30 years old and just loves to be in the driver's seat. He's not too concerned about results, as long as he can be behind the wheel. It shows, too, as he is one of the more passive guys in the garage. Last season he had an alright year all things considered. About as average as you can get, finishing 25th in points with 4 top 10s. He also scored his first career pole last year which got some people talking. This year has gone about the same, straddling right around the top 20 in points. He's 24th right now and is the highest seated driver to not yet score a top 10 this year. He hopes to change that soon, and in fact he almost had it a couple races ago. He had a very solid race going at Kansas, and actually raced up to the top 5 before having to pit with less than 10 to go, finishing 25th.

    Buffalo Wild Wings will continue to sponsor Volsing in the #19 car this year. They will be on the car for 30 races overall.

    Cooper Standard has signed on for a 4 race primary deal as well this season.
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    Here are a few alternates to teams that were already announced and revealed.

    Shawn Knight in the #45 for Cloud 9 Racing gains a couple extra primary sponsors for the year.

    TaxAct will be on the Georgia native's Challenger for 4 races this year.

    Kubota will also hop on board as primary for Knight this season, sponsoring 2 races in total.

    The #06 of Jess McNeal still remains the points leader after the first 13 races of the season. She's putting together an incredible season so far, and it has attracted additional primary sponsorship to her Mustang. She has 10 top 10s so far and just won her 3rd race of the season, leading the final 35 laps to take the victory at Iowa.

    2 main Long Haul Racing sponsors will step up for a few races this season, the first being Weber Grills. They will on the #06 for 6 races beginning later on in the summer.

    Exide Batteries will also hop on board for 4 races this year.

    Tha's all for now! But stay tuned for more very soon! Thanks again for looking! I think this series is becoming one of my favorites of mine haha.
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