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NXS In Another Dimension 2018

Discussion in 'Showroom' started by burtonbraves, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    ^Thanks bud! I'm back! After like 12 days, I've returned to spam some more...not really haha. But I will say that there will be a new project from me very shortly :p

    For now, here is a brand new Xfinity Series team that has opened up to run the rest of the year and next. Nathan Wolff and his family have been around racing for generations. Whether it be in Nascar, ARCA, or even the local short tracks where they often find themselves running and winning. The one car team from Trenton, NJ, just outside of the Wolff's hometown of Ridgewood, has brand new equipment and has factory support from Dodge. 26 year old Nathan has been the talk of the East Coast short tracks for a few years now, and is expected to be a real threat on track when they debut. The Wolff family (Wolff Pack Racing) have wanted to own a Nascar team for many years, and they are finally getting the opportunity this year. Nathan's father and grandfather have been known and respected in motorsports for a long time now, whether it be on the mechanical side, crew chief side, or even track officiating. The Wolff's have always loved stock car racing, and beginning this year, they can take their passion to a new level. They will run the #46 Dodge Challenger this year, with full sponsorship. Even though the season is midway, the schemes and races planned will span until the end of 2019 at least.

    First off, Dana Incorporated will be on the #46 for 20 of the races this year, running a familiar scheme from their previous sponsorship in Nascar.

    D.M. Bowman Inc will be on the car in 6 races this year.

    Shentel Communications will be with the new team for 5 races.

    And lastly, MD Building Products will also return to Nascar this year in a limited role, sponsoring the #46 in 3 races. They are also using a similar scheme to one they've used in the past.

    The team put together a cover photo for their social media accounts and website as well, featuring all their new schemes. They are looking forward to getting on the track very soon.
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  2. InsideLine

    InsideLine Hey Man! Careful there's a beverage here!

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    Pinty's series in another dimension?! ;)
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  3. Mikerobers

    Mikerobers New Member

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    Indy car or F1 in another dimension?
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  4. burtonbraves

    burtonbraves Fictional Extraordinaire

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    I have a few more to reveal, this may or may not be the last cars before release haha. We'll see if I think of anything else (which I probably will knowing me :p )

    This update will consist of 4 new part timers! The first of which ran full time last season before his car shut down for 2018. Luckily for him, he stayed vigilant and active in his sponsorship hunt, and was able to secure a part time ride with his former, not former team. Casey Zellers is a 24 year old from Ceres, CA, and raced the #59 Ford full time in 2017 for Shaines Motorsports. After his sponsor decided they didn't want to spend as much on a full time ride that wasn't very competitive, he lost the seat and the team closed down the third car to focus on improving performance for this season. The team finished 23rd, 26th, and 27th in the standings last year, with Zellers placing 27th with 5 top 10s. So far this year, the #90 car of Jimmy Mitchell is having a very consistent season ever since his rough start. He has 5 top 10s and 3 top 5s currently, with an average finish of 13.9. He sits 8th in the standings and has even led 60 laps. The other driver for Shaines is Wade Raines, he on the other hand can't seem to shake the bad luck. He started off the year with a top 5 at Daytona, but its been a struggle ever since. He's had 5 DNFs so far through the first 17 races, and sits 30th in points with only 3 top 10s. He often runs top 20 with his teammate but if he's not having pit issues, he gets caught up in accidents mostly not of his making. He's hoping to turn it around here, coming off a top 10 at Watkins Glen.

    Zellers is excited to get back on the track and behind the wheel this year, even if it is for a very limited time. He still has things to prove and thinks he can run up front if given the right circumstances. The team is only going to open the third car for as many as the sponsor will pay for, so Zellers will only have a few chances to run as of now. We'll have to see how the Ceres native does in his return to the Xfinity Series.

    Caltex, a brand under the Chevron Corporation will sponsor the #59 Ford in 3 races this year. Hoping to impress in those events he's trying to convince them or other sponsors to help get him back full time.

    Next up we have a truck driver and team making the leap to Xfinity for the end of the season. Tyler Cowan runs full time for Baltimore Racing in the Truck Series, but after a season and a half of poor results, he and his family sponsor have decided to pull out of that deal and try and make their own go of it in the next series up. Cowan is a 21 year old from Baltimore, MD, and the son of the founder and CEO of Cowan Systems. After over 50 races now in the truck series, and only 1 top 10, the Cowans felt like the team wasn't making any effort to make their cars better. Especially since the other truck on the team has improved a ton since last season, sitting 6th in points after 17 races this year. They hope making the jump and aligning themselves with current Xfinity team Sanchez Racing (#12, #32) they can have some better results. We'll have to see though, as Baltimore Racing's manager was quoted as saying "I'm not really sure what they're looking to accomplish, we've put a ton of effort into the #7 truck as well as the #77 (6th in points), we do all we can as a relatively small team and its unfortunate to see things go down this way. I wish them the best of luck in Xfinity, but think they may soon find the equipment isn't the total issue here..."

    The 21 year old will run the #07 Cowan Systems Ford in at least 6 events this year for the newly formed Cowan Racing.

    Next we have another current truck driver that will be making a few Xfinity starts this year along with his 6 slated Cup races. 22 year old Drake Malcom runs the #17 Chevy in trucks for the Coca Cola Racing Family, and has achieved some decent success so far. He finished 12th in points last year in his rookie campaign, with 6 top 5s and 14 top 10s. He's currently having another solid season just past the halfway point of the year. He sits 4th in points right now with 4 top 5s and 7 top 10s, including a win a couple weeks back at Bristol. He's averaging a 13.6 place finish and has been very consistent in the top 10-15 which is very important in the truck series. He's hoping to continue to show speed and impress as he runs for the title, and a shot at a full time Xfinity ride next season.

    Malcom will make 3 starts this year, including the 2nd Bristol race for the CCRF. He will run the #11 Chevy and will be sponsored by Coca Cola Life.

    And lastly for this update, we have a driver who's been full time in the Cup Series for the past 2 seasons for Tornado Motorsports. Iris Cooper is a 26 year old from Jacksonville, FL, and has been very hit and miss during her tenure in Cup. The past 2 seasons, she has finished 27th in the standings, with a total of 4 top 5s (2 at Talladega) and 11 top 10s, as well as a Talladega pole in 2016. She entered the year on a performance based contract, and after not being able to qualify for any of the first 15 races of the year, the team decided it was time to stop trying to put the #49 in the field, and shut it down to focus on the other 3 cars they run.

    Her teammates have had alright seasons for the most part. The #28 of Michael Potter has been the roughest entry (other than the #49 of course), only qualifying for 12 races so far of the 17, and having an average finish of 31.2. He's improved a bit though lately, qualifying for 9 races in a row. Unfortunately though, he's had 4 DNFs in that stretch, 2 of which coming from mechanical failures, and the other 2 getting caught up in accidents he couldn't avoid. When the problems aren't there though, he's found himself in the top 20-25 quite often, so he's hoping to turn it around soon, or he might be the next to go. Their next driver, Joey Dorrance in the #88, has been a range of highs and lows this year. He has 5 top 10s, but sits 27th in points after numerous mechanical failures. Overall though his rookie campaign isn't going too bad, as he has an average finish still of 20.8, they just hope the bad luck stays away so he can continue to grow and gain experience. The 3rd Tornado driver is 2016 Champion Justin Sparks, in the #92. Its been smooth sailing for him, as he sits 2nd in points with a victory, 7 top 5s, and 9 top 10s. He's coming off some momentum as well and he's chasing his second title.

    Back to Cooper though, she joins Xfinity teammate Kip Richardson for a 6 race schedule as of now, after gaining part time sponsorship. The team still believes in her, which is why they are giving her this opportunity, she just hopes to capitalize on it. Speaking of capitalizing though, she just made her Xfinity debut at Watkins Glen in the #28. After starting 11th, she slowly started to pick her way up. Her teammate in the #49 sat on the pole and led the first 7 laps as well, before making an early pit stop. Cooper drove her way to the top 5 and ended up wrestling the lead away before a late caution with 10 to go. She raced her heart out those last 8 laps holding off the #77 of Kyle Spraker, making some blistering lap times en route to her first Xfinity win, in her first start! She teared up in victory lane, as anyone would after the up and down year she's had. She impressed the hell out of the team owners and other competitors that race, showing the heart and pure skill she holds behind the wheel. She only has sponsorship for 5 more races, but Tornado Motorsports has said if she continues to run strong, they'll consider her running the rest of the year, as well as next year, sponsorship permitting. Cooper is laser focused on the races ahead, as she knows her career might depend on it.

    Cooper will run the #28 ABF Freight Ford in a total of 6 events this year, hoping to gain additional sponsorship to run full time.

    Thanks for looking! And stay tuned for either more cars or release!
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  5. InsideLine

    InsideLine Hey Man! Careful there's a beverage here!

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    You are bouncing around more than a hooker on nickel night... ;)
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  6. Johnnyk1990

    Johnnyk1990 Well-Known Member

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    Can’t wait to try these bad boys out
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