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Question about iRacing painting

Discussion in 'iRacing.com Motorsports Simulations' started by Brandon Miller, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Brandon Miller

    Brandon Miller Well-Known Member

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    I'm designing a paint scheme for an iRacing driver. I have the paint template. I do not have an iRacing account. Is there a viewer anywhere I can use to make sure all of my alignments are correct?
  2. crazyboy335

    crazyboy335 Do I Wanna Know?

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    Unfortunately not, you would have to have the game to view the paints.
  3. RacerXero84

    RacerXero84 Obnoxious old fart

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    Yup. Must have an account.

    If you have one, you also have to have the content to even view it. Equates to about 10-15 USD per piece, unless you buy in bulk and get the volume discounts (which increase incrementally as you buy more at once at various thresholds, i.e. 3-6-12 pieces get you something like 10%-15%-25% off respectively, later a content-owned discount comes into play which nets you some additional percentages off each purchase).

    Easiest way to paint is to hit the track, freeze the replay of a lap, look at your paint, alt-tab back to your paint program, make adjustments, re-save, update the file, go back to the game, refresh (CTRL-R), and look at it again. Rinse & repeat as necessary.

    A real pain in the ass. People have been clamoring for a stand alone model viewer for this reason for years.

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