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Random Contingency Decal Discoveries....

Discussion in 'Logos - Decals - Graphics' started by Slipster17, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. Slipster17

    Slipster17 "Terrifying Cones Since 1983"

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    A lot of times, when I'm working on older (90's) paint schemes where there might not be too many pictures of certain cars across various years - I tend to differentiate seasons/ years by the variations in the contingency decals if the year-by-year paint schemes are very similar.

    Today - I found an exception that threw me for a loop.....
    Competition Cams ran their black/ white text logo up until the '98 season when they switched over to the more contemporary COMP red/ white rectangle..... OR SO I THOUGHT.

    While looking for Dale Earnhardt images to start working on his 1997 car I kept coming across pictures that were obviously from 1997 - like his Daytona crash - which featured the COMP rectangle on his front bumper. And I thought, well this is odd... did I get it wrong? Did they switch to the newer logo earlier than 1998? But, I SWEAR that literally EVER 1997 car I've looked at for my carset so far has had the Competition Cams TEXT.....

    I started looking into it a little more - low and behold - all the pictures I can pull up show every car in the field during the '97 season sporting Competition Cams text EXCEPT the two RCR cars which have the COMP rectangle.

    EVEN STRANGER - Earnhardt had the COMP rectangle contig on his car as far back as the '95 season! (1994 shows the Competition Cams text on his fenders). Picture below is of him and Gordon from 1996 for illustrative purposes - I know the actual COMP decal I used is newer than the '96 style :p

    So - there is my random discovery to share with you all today. Now, in order to make my 1997 contingency pack complete I need to add two unique decals that only appeared on Earnhardt's #3 (the COMP rectangle and the UNOCAL 76 long decal he ran on his doors)

    Anyone else have any fun or random deviations from the norm they've come across over the years?
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