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Season 6, Race 13: CTMP

Discussion in 'SRD Sprint Cup Offline League' started by Zoom, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. jacobc62

    jacobc62 The OG NASCAR Tiger.

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    "I honestly have no idea how I saved enough fuel to finish 10th...."
  2. Chevellion

    Chevellion SRD Cup League Director

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    Poor strategy cost us a shot at the win. Look for a new crew chief on top of the 68 box for next week.
  3. games123

    games123 #BullRush

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    Looks like the 2016 SRD Cup Rookie battle is extremely competitive. Top 5 are all 1 point back from the person in front of them. Hopefully we can pull it out over the next 3 weeks.
  4. Chowda17

    Chowda17 Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    We kind of screwed ourselves on strategy today. Wish we could have gotten a full course caution but it doesn't make the wreck not my fault.

    We've got three weeks left and we probably just eliminated our shot at winning it all, but we're going to push as hard as we can and win it all or die trying.
  5. AntCurtain

    AntCurtain Well-Known Member

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    Anthony Curtain:. "Something has been really off with this team since the midway point of the season. For some reason, we haven't been able to find any speed in the cars, and it has been more than frustrating. We had a decent strategy to put us in 11th today, so I was pretty happy with that, but we need to step it up these last few races and show that we deserve a spot in this league and on this team for our sponsors, Reese's and Asics."
  6. jgegner

    jgegner Find New Roads

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    Victory Lane Interview with James Gegner, Winner at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park

    *James makes the turn into Victory Lane and shuts off the engine*

    *He unhooks his belts and steering wheel, puts on his DirecTV hat, and takes a big swig of an ice cold Coke before climbing out of his winning car to celebrate with his crew. Vince Welch from FOX Sports approaches.*


    *Coca-Cola gets sprayed everywhere, soaking everyone standing in Victory Lane. James's SRD, Inc. teammates Joey Isaacs and Matt O'Reilly arrive to congratulate him.*

    Vince Welch: "I'm here with James Gegner, the winner here at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. James, this is your third career victory in the SRD Cup Series. You really seem to have mastered the road courses, James. In fact, all three of your wins have come on the roadies, including two in a row at Road America. When are you going to finally break through and get that first win on an oval?"

    JG#29: "You know, Vince, it's kind of ironic. I've never really considered road courses to be my specialty. Even so, I'd like to be known as more than just a winner on road courses. I'd like to believe that I could get my first oval win at Outward Speedway next week. However, we haven't had much luck on the big tracks this year, so I guess we'll just play it by ear and see how it goes."

    VW: "How did you manage to win this race, James? It seemed like with five laps to go, you just hit the afterburners and took off."

    JG#29: "That's basically what I did, Vince. I pitted under that last caution with about 20 laps to go for tires and fuel and saved them for the last few laps of the race. I told my crew that I was going to go for it, and here we are!"

    VW: "That's your winner here at Mosport, guys. Back to Mike, Jeff and DW in the booth."

  7. SAL

    SAL Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    'Bad pit strategy. Let a top-5 get away from us. I don't know what the boys in the pits are doing, but we need to turn this around! Sig Sauer #93 Chevy was running great all day! Hate it for Joyce Racing, but we are still in the fight for ROTY! Hopefully we can get er done and have at least something to show for the season!
  8. db512

    db512 2011 SRD Cup Series Champion

    Likes Received:
    "Well we played it safe at the end of the race with our JEGS, Bass Pro Shops Chevy. The team wasn't sure we could make it and with our championship contenders already having pitted we didn't want to chance it. I was trying to save that last run and I think we would have made it but we couldn't afford to try. So instead of having a strangle hold on the point lead we continue to hang on by the slimmest of margins. We will head to Outward one of our better tracks and try to do the same thing we did today. Stay out of trouble and stay in the hunt."
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 11, 2016

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