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Sim Racing Design Forum Rules - PLEASE READ!

Discussion in 'Forum Rules and Announcements' started by MattSRD28, Jul 20, 2014.

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  1. MattSRD28

    MattSRD28 SRD Pick'em Series Commissioner Moderator

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    Welcome to Sim Racing Design's Forum. Here you can connect with fellow race fans, and other users of Nascar Racing 2003 Season for PC who continue to create and modify this amazing game to reflect current Nascar National Touring Series including the Camping World Truck Series, Nationwide Series, and Sprint Cup Series. Some have even modified the game further to include Formula 1 and the Verizon IndyCar Series.

    Here are some rules of the board. PLEASE READ the following:

    1) Most of the content on this board is suitable for everyone at any age. HOWEVER, there may be some content that would be considered rated "R." Sim Racing Design is NOT recommended for ages under 18 years of age. Therefore, if you are under 18 years of age, you are confirming by accepting these rules that you have parental consent to view this board.

    2) Have fun! That's the most important rule. Friendly debates are acceptable, but flame wars are NOT! Personal attacks and "flame bait" will not be tolerated, will be deleted, and could lead to a warning, an infraction, and/or your Sim Racing Design membership being banned.

    3) Sim Racing Design reserves the right to edit or delete any post, image, or file that is posted to the forum. Sim Racing Design also reserves the right to NOT delete any post, image, or file that is posted to the forum.

    4) Sim Racing Design reserves the right to suspend any user for any reason.

    5) Once you have registered, please visit the other threads in the "Forum Rules" forum, located at the top of the SRD home page just about the "Announcements" forum, for more details on warez, crackz, and copyrighted material, as well as user uploads.

    6) Spelling and Grammar: Poor spelling and grammar will NOT be tolerated! Sim Racing Design's forum includes a spell checker and there is a great one available with Google's Toolbar. If we have to edit your posts because they are illegible, you may be issued a warning, an infraction, or even be banned from the forum. Text Message shorthand or "l77t" speak is not allowed. A typo here and there is acceptable, but illegible posts are not.

    7) Uploading images: If you choose to upload an image to the forum, please follow the requirements posted in the Image Hosting area. When displaying images either hosted, or linked from another site, please keep them reasonably sized. Nobody likes an image so large that it overwhelms their monitor or falls to load because the size is so large. If necessary, upon request we can create a link to a larger, more detailed image. Resizing images for purposes of viewing in SRD's forums will be done at the sole discretion of SRD's Administrators and Moderators, who reserve the right to alter, delete, or resize any image without notice or consent.

    8) Avatars: Please see the "Edit Avatar" link under "User CP" found at the top of each page, directly under the SRD logo in the blue strip between "User Uploads" and "Shop", for specific information on dimensions and file size limits for these.

    9) Signatures: Please keep your signature to 3 or 4 lines of single spaced text and no “GIANT TEXT”. An image is fine but no bigger than 60 pixels high and 468 pixels wide, 48.8KB in size, and no animation. The SRD Moderators reserve the right to delete your signature or ask you to change your signature if they believe it is distracting from the forum even if it falls within the above guidelines. If for any reason you feel you need a signature that falls outside of these guidelines, please contact an SRD Administrator or SRD Super Mod for approval.

    10) Sim Racing Design Chatbox: Keep it clean! This is a "PG-13" rated board, so anything inappropriate will not be tolerated. To report abuse in the chatbox, please PM an SRD Administrator, Super Mod, or Moderator.

    11) Posting Links or "Spamming": You must have at least 100 posts if you want to create a post whose purpose is to link to your personal website, NR2003 creation, YouTube video, forum or any other website. If your post count is under 100 posts, and you wish to include a download link to your NR2003 creation, for example, your link MUST be pre-approved by an SRD Administrator, Super Mod, or Moderator. Any links by users with less than 100 posts will be removed, and the user will receive a warning, infraction, or could even be banned from the forum. Please note that links to your website in your signature are acceptable.

    12) Illegal Activity: Please do not use our forum to brag about any illegal activity you are planning, are currently engaged in, or recently got away with. Anyone who does this will have their account and IP address instantly banned forever.

    12.1) In recent memory there have been more talks of modified NR2003 exes to simulate different physics and vehicle engines. Discussion of such EXEs including No-CD exes are now acceptable since iRacing doesn't give a hoot anymore.

    13) You need a sense of humor to view the forums. If you don't have a sense of humor, or are easily offended, please turn back now!

    14) Once you have registered an account and a screen name, it cannot be changed. So please pick a screen name you are prepared to live with forever when you register Sim Racing Design. Please also note that one individual can only have one Sim Racing Design account. If you create multiple accounts, this may be grounds for all of your Sim Racing Design accounts to be banned. Registering a new account to bypass an existing ban will result in your IP being banned.

    15) SRD Administrators, Super Mods, and Moderators reserve the right to alter these rules for any reason or anyone depending on the situation. After all, it's our site! ;)

    Every member MUST also read the "Posting Rules" which can be found HERE and directly below.

    Remember, above all rule #2 is the most important! Have a good time! Welcome to Sim Racing Design!
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  2. MattSRD28

    MattSRD28 SRD Pick'em Series Commissioner Moderator

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    Sim Racing Design Posting Rules!

    When posting to SRD please try to keep the following in mind:

    1) Be Descriptive! Your topic title should give some DETAILED information about what your topic is about! Chances are, more people will click on your topic and contribute to your discussion if they read a detail or something in the title that catches their eye. Most importantly, we want to know what any thread is generally about from the title. Clickbait-style titles, i.e. having "Danica Patrick..." as the thread title and the first post start with "...is a horrible driver! What do you think?!" is NOT what we want to see. That is not the traffic generator you might think it is. Having a Danica Patrick thread is just fine, but please title it in a way that lets people know what the thread is about. SRD Moderators can change thread titles, and we will if we deem it necessary.

    2) Use the "search" function. If you are posting about a news item or something of high importance ask yourself "Could this possibly have been posted already?" If it is a big news story, chances are it probably has. So please do a search first. If that search reveals a thread on your topic, but nothing has been posted in the past six months, please READ that thread to make sure you're bringing something new to the topic. If you don't have something new, please do not bother posting and allow the dead topic to be dead. If you do have something new & exciting to bring to the topic, do NOT bump that old thread. Instead, start a new thread with your new information. Otherwise feel free to get the discussion going!

    3) SPELL CHECK YOUR POSTS & USE PROPER GRAMMAR!!! There is a completely FREE spell checker on most modern web browsers and there is one available with the Google toolbar. A typo here and there is completely acceptable. We all are guilty of this. But when someone can't READ your post due to bad spelling, grammar, lack of capitalization, punctuation etc, that's a problem. If you aren't a good speller, or your web browser for some reason has no spell checker, download Google toolbar now: Google Toolbar

    4) Do NOT use "internet shorthand" - Use the proper and complete spelling of words. Do not shorten "you" to "u", etc. You're not text messaging on a cell phone. You're typing on a phone/tablet/computer. No matter what you're using, you have a full sized keyboard available to you. USE IT!

    5) Do not post for posting sake. What does this mean? If all you do is respond back to posts saying "Yeah, me too" or "I agree" or "Thanks!" you are not adding anything to the conversation. If you do this every once in a while, that's ok, but we have had users here that seemed like all they were doing was trying to post as much as possible to increase their post count. Well, there is no prize for having a high post count. Posting for posting's sake to cross certain post count thresholds to gain access or privileges will only result in that access or those privileges NOT being granted. So please, only respond if you have something to add to the conversation.

    6) Don't be annoying! For example, if you see that the "fart thread" has been closed, for reasons like "This was funny for a day, and now it's just stupid" don't start ANOTHER "fart thread." In short, annoying members will end up being banned.

    7) DON'T QUOTE IMAGES! If you see an image or images in a thread that you really want to talk about, do NOT quote it! Nobody wants to see five images in a thread, then all five images again because someone decided to multi-quote all five. That's annoying, and it bogs down the loading time of the thread because now twice as many images have to load. If you really need to quote a post with an image in it, PLEASE delete the part beginning with "[​IMG]" because that is where the picture is. Repeated failure to remove the image(s) from your quote will result in a warning, infraction, or even a possible ban. Please don't do it!

    8) Check each forum for specific rules. If there are specific rules in a forum, they will be posted as a "sticky." PLEASE READ these for further instructions. For example, in the Render Request Forum, there is a request limit.

    Overall, we're not trying to be mean or strict, but the fact is that we have thousands of registered members. We need to keep the quality of the board at a high level. We don't delete, edit, or close posts very often, but we will have to if the Forum Rules are not followed. These posting rules are here to help you to do that. By extension, they must also be followed.

    So let's review...

    Sim Racing Design's Forum Posting Rules:

    1) Be descriptive!
    2) Use the search function.
    3) Spell check your posts and use proper grammar.
    4) Do NOT use "internet shorthand."
    5) Do not post for posting's sake.
    6) Don't be annoying!
    7) Don't quote images!
    8) Check each forum for specific rules.

    If everyone can follow these simple rules, that will make Sim Racing Design a better place!

    Thanks again for all your support! :D
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2014
  3. Chandler Tyson

    Chandler Tyson The Mark Martin of SRD Paint Crew

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