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SRD CWS Offline League Rules and Information Thread

Discussion in 'SRD Camping World Truck Offline League' started by jgegner, Oct 27, 2013.

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  1. jgegner

    jgegner Find New Roads

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    **NOTE: There are several additions and revisions to these rules. All additions and revisions are highlighted in bold text.


    Here's how the SRD CWS Offline League is going to work:

    Mod: Finished CWS2014 mod from Om3gA Racing (not the alpha version).

    Truck Templates and Approved Manufacturers and Models: For now, you will need to use the templates supplied by Om3gA Racing to paint your truck. Approved manufacturers and models are the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150, and Toyota Tundra (Dodge will NOT be supported).

    Testing Sessions: There will be four scheduled test sessions throughout the season, one for each type of track. Participation in these test sessions is purely optional. If you wish to participate in these sessions, you may create a test truck. Your test truck must be either black or gray primer color only.

    Race Schedule: There will be 16 races for the season, with four road course races, four short track races, four speedway races, and four superspeedway races. The race schedule will be as follows, with the particular mod version used for the event:

    1. NAPA Auto Parts 250 - Daytona 2014 FSE (Night)*
    2. Hunt Brothers Pizza 200 - Texas Motor Speedway 2014 FSE
    3. First Tennessee Bank 200 - Bristol Motor Speedway 2014 FSE (Day)
    4. GoPro 150 - Sonoma 2014 Night*
    5. Mountain Dew Kickstart 250 - Talladega 2014 Night
    6. Harrah's 200 - Kentucky Speedway 2013 SDT
    7. Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup 200 - Richmond 2012*
    8. Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips 150 - Watkins Glen SDT
    9. Boost Mobile 200 - Outward Speedway Night
    10. Pure Michigan 200 - Michigan Speedway 2012
    11. Summit Racing 200 - Lucas Oil Raceway 2012 FSE
    12. Gehl Construction Equipment 200 - Road America
    13. Kobalt Tools 225 - Riki Raceway (Day)
    14. Menards 200 - Kansas Speedway 2014 FSE*
    15. Goody's Headache Powder 250 - Martinsville 2012 SDT
    16. AccuDoc Solutions 150 - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

    *Denotes scheduled test session

    I would like to have a full field of 42 trucks, with the ideal breakdown consisting of 14 teams with three trucks per team.

    Race distance will be 50% maximum.

    Each driver will be allowed two paint schemes, one primary and one secondary. A matching pit crew for each scheme is also required. A list of both primary and secondary sponsors will be kept so as to reduce confusion with sponsor choices. Pit crew templates in both Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro formats are attached to this post.

    Contingency Decals: Each truck will be required to carry the official SRD CWS Offline League contingency decal, which is also attached to this post. This is the A-pillar decal only, and does not include a windshield banner, so if someone wants to make one, I would certainly appreciate it as I am not a graphic artist.

    I will NOT accept any truck that does not have this mandatory logo. Any other contingency sponsors you want to use are entirely up to you.

    SRD Cup and NNS drivers will be allowed to participate, as long as they agree to run for no points. This is similar to what Zack (zaw24fan) is doing with the SRD NNS Series.

    Driver Ratings: Each driver will be allowed to choose a rating set based on track type, or balanced ratings for all track types. Here's how the ratings will work:

    Road Course: Road course ratings set at 80/100. Short track, speedway, and superspeedway ratings set at 55/65.

    Short Track: Short track ratings set at 80/100. Road course, speedway, and superspeedway ratings set at 55/65.

    Speedway: Speedway ratings set at 80/100. Road course, short track, and superspeedway ratings set at 55/65.

    Superspeedway: Superspeedway ratings set at 80/100. Road course, short track, and speedway ratings set to 55/65.

    Balanced: Road course, short track, speedway, and superspeedway ratings set to 60/80. All other ratings set to 55/65.

    Championships Awarded: There will be three separate championships awarded at the end of the season: driver's championship, team championship, and manufacturer's championship.

    Rookie of the Year Award: This award is reserved only for those who have never previously participated in an offline league.

    Screenshots and full points standings will be posted following each race.


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  2. Chevellion

    Chevellion SRD Cup League Director

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    Looking over this now, it seems like the "Balanced" option isn't exactly balanced. Ratings for balanced should probably be in the 60/80 range.
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