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SRD IndyCar 2016: Race 8 - Kentucky

Discussion in 'SRD IndyCar Offline League' started by nj9703, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. AntCurtain

    AntCurtain Well-Known Member

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    Anthony Curtain: "Well, we definitely have made some progress in our oval program. We were very strong tonight, but unfortunately we got caught up in that accident. I'm still very proud of this team, and I'm excited to go on this international tour, where we've been very successful."
  2. canadienhits

    canadienhits The Dominator, Cup champ.

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    Good job by Ryan on the win. I thought we might have something for him at the end. Our Pennzoil Honda got better all night and I thought we had a car to beat. We've got to qualify better and get out of these holes we dig ourselves in. I'm proud of our guys in working hard on the car to get us the runner-up finish.
  3. Chowda17

    Chowda17 Well-Known Member

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    Well this is awkward. The one time I missed a race because of internet issues I won it.

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