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SRD NASCAR "Pick'em" Series (Information, Rules, and History)

Discussion in 'NASCAR Discussion' started by Mike24, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. taz1458

    taz1458 #LetsGoPens

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    I like keeping track of the stats too. Somewhere missed a few Top 5's and 10's, but its close enough. 251 Straight Starts for me. Missed the Daytona 500 back in 2010, and made everyone since.

    - SRD Pick 'Em - 2010 Stats
    1 win(Michigan 2) -- 7 Top 5's -- 10 Top 10's in 35 Starts - 2nd in ROTY - 10th In Points( IN CHASE) - 676 Pt. Avg.(168-170 on 2011 System)

    - SRD Pick 'Em - 2011 Stats
    1 Win -- 5 Top 5's -- 9 Top 10's in 36 Starts - 16th In Points -- 172 Pt. Avg -- 211 Highest @ Bristol 2(1st)--Best Finish - 1st - Bristol 2

    - SRD Pick 'Em - 2012 Stats
    2 Wins -- 7 Top 5's -- 9 Top 10's in 36 Starts - 11th in Points(-185) -- 165 Pt. Avg -- 217 Highest @ Richmond(2nd)--Best Finish(1st) - Marty(1), Michigan(2)

    - SRD Pick 'Em - 2013 Stats
    1 Win -- 4 Top 5's -- 4 Top 10's in 36 Starts - 24th in Points(-139) -- 163 Pt. Avg -- 219 Highest @ Chicago(1st)--Best Finish(1st) - Chicago

    - SRD Pick 'Em - 2014 Stats
    0 Wins -- 4 Top 5's -- 7 Top 10's in 36 Starts - 48th in Points(-346) -- 160 Pt. Avg -- 204 Highest @ Charlotte 2(3rd)--Best Finish(3rd) - Auto Club/Martinsville(2)/Talladega(2)

    - SRD Pick 'Em - 2015 Stats
    2 Wins -- 8 Top 5's -- 13 Top 10's in 36 Starts - 5th in Points(-4648) -- 172 Pt. Avg -- 202 Highest @ Richmond(1st)--Best Finish(1st) - Richmond(1), Charlotte(2)

    - SRD Pick 'Em - 2016 Stats
    0 Wins -- 6 Top 5's -- 9 Top 10's in 36 Starts - 17th in Points(NOT IN CHASE(3rd Reg. Season)) -- 154 Pt. Avg -- 206 Highest @ Richmond 1(T-2nd)--Best Finish(2nd) @ Richmond 1(206), 2nd @ Loudon 1(188), 2nd @ Chicago(186) -- LED POINTS WEEKS 19-21, 23
  2. MattSRD28

    MattSRD28 SRD Pick'em Series Commissioner Moderator

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    Hey folks, just wanted to make a quick announcement. We have another scoring adjustment for the upcoming 2017 Season.

    Correctly picking a driver to finish 2nd - 5th will now be worth 6 points, up from 4 previously. (Total of 7 combined with the 1 point bonus for a pick finishing in the top 5.)
    Correctly picking a driver to win a race will now be worth 9 points, up from 7 previously. (Total of 10 combined with the 1 point bonus for a pick finishing in the top 5.)

    The first post of this thread has been updated with these changes, and they will be in effect for the upcoming 2017 season.
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  3. MattSRD28

    MattSRD28 SRD Pick'em Series Commissioner Moderator

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    Hey everybody, I wanted put this out there for your feedback on a possible change that I have been toying with. It hasn't been a huge problem, but it has come up in the past. I'd prefer it to not become a big deal one day and this change would ensure that. But, I'd welcome the opinion of you guys since it impacts everybody.

    The issue is when everybody needs to get their picks in. Right now, all picks must be submitted before the green flag actually waives on the race you're making picks for. Trouble is, it's often very difficult to know exactly when that happens since sometimes the pre-race doesn't go totally on schedule. I can't be watching every race in order to record the actual time the green flag waived.

    To solve this, I could move the deadline from the time the green flag actually waived to when the green flag is scheduled to be waived. The scheduled green flag time would be posted every week with the opening of a new race's thread to ensure everybody is very clear as to when all picks need to be submitted by.

    Of course, the first thought here is rain delay. What would change is picks would still be closed instead of staying open throughout the rain delay until if/when an announcement came that the race is postponed to some later date. At that point, picks would reopen, and the deadline would move to the newly rescheduled start time.

    So what do you all think? If you're all OK with it, this can be put in place starting this weekend at Daytona. Please let me know below or via PMs!
  4. 4WideRacing

    4WideRacing Well-Known Member

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    I think that is an awesome idea!
  5. Tetronix

    Tetronix Winner of Most Pepsi Consumed in a Year

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    Sounds like a good idea!
  6. BobbyRicky62

    BobbyRicky62 Well-Known Member

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    I guess that works for me even though I always get my picks in way ahead of the green flag. :)
  7. BrendonH12

    BrendonH12 Lover of Jesus! #GoPats #NotDone

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    Sounds good, Matt!
  8. Bitbreaker

    Bitbreaker Well-Known Member

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    Sounds Good.

    I got an improvement proposal, too.

    Now that we have the stages in the cup, why don't we pick each stage winner, too?
  9. MattSRD28

    MattSRD28 SRD Pick'em Series Commissioner Moderator

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    Excellent question.

    I did consider that when evaluating what changes needed to be made for the upcoming season, but I elected to not go with separate stage winners picks and here's why. As you know, after each stage 1st-10th place are awarded points. There were different ways that could have been included in our game. One way would have been picking stage winners only to win. If they didn't win but may have finished 2nd-10th, no points would have been awarded for those picks even though the drivers themselves earned some amount of points from 9 to 1. That wouldn't work since that would go against this game's core idea of we score what they score.

    Another way to go was to have stage winner picks simply earn whatever stage points they managed to earn. For example if your stage winner pick finished 3rd, you'd get the 8 points. That made sense until the question came up of if your traditional 1st-5th place picks were also going to earn whatever stage points they managed to scrounge up during the race or not. What I could have done is have stage winner picks earning stage points and the 1st-5th place results picks only earn the points they scored from the final results and NOT their stage points too. That again seemed to go against the idea of 'you score what they score'. It also didn't seem right to have stage winner picks AND 1st-5th scoring stage points since that would mean we'd have 7 drivers going for stage points. It also would have added a redundancy since it's likely players would pick the same driver to win one or both stages as well as finish 1st-5th in the overall results.

    Ultimately I went with an Occam's razor approach where we just have the traditional 1st-5th picks also earn whatever stage points they manage to earn, including the 10 points for the stage win. It was simple to add. It made sense. It also solved the redundancy problem. But I also realized that I needed to increase the bonuses for supporting race wins and correctly picking the exact finishing position of your picks to bring them up to par with the addition of stage points. We'll see how it goes but I believe this was the best way to implement these new for 2017 scoring changes.
  10. MattSRD28

    MattSRD28 SRD Pick'em Series Commissioner Moderator

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    Hey everybody! The aforementioned change to the deadline of when picks need to be in is going to go forward beginning NEXT WEEK in Atlanta.

    Daytona 500 picks can still be made/changed up until the waving of the green flag.

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