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    I don't think there are any major changes to the templates from 2016 to 2017, so we'll continue to use the templates from the link listed below. If anyone knows of some newer templates that can be used, please let it be known.

    I will run the races with 1024 flats, but feel free to paint in 2048 and resize them to 1024 before sending them in.

    Contigs and series window banner can be found below. Required contingency logos are the SRD Race Car, SRD National Series, Coors Light/Coors 21 Means 21 Pole Sunoco Racing Fuel, and Sunoco Rookie Contender for those running for Rookie of the Year. Any other contingency decals can be used at the team owner or painter's discretion.

    All logos found in this file are sized for the 2048 template. Resize them 50% to have them fit on the 1024 templates if you are using those.

    You will need the correct font for the name banner on the back window. Link to the font can be found below.

    There is currently no due date for the flats, it will be posted when I have a date.

    Happy painting!
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