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SRD National Series - Information - 2017

Discussion in 'SRD NNS Offline League' started by zaw24fan, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. zaw24fan

    zaw24fan SRD National Series Director Paint Crew

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    As always, most of the regular stuff is copy/paste from the 2016 thread, but please be sure to read carefully, especially if you are brand new to this series.

    Zack Webster here once again as we are officially opening up Preseason 2017 for the SRD National Series!

    For those of you that maybe weren't here for the last three seasons, or are completely brand new to the SRD Offline Leagues, allow me to tell a little bit about myself...

    I have been a member here since August of 2008 and have been a frequent poster since 2009 or 2010. I am also a member of the paint crew here, and I have been one of the more active members here at SRD. I was called up by Chevellion three seasons ago to fill the vacancy in running the SRD National Series after John Hooper Sr stepped down. This will be my fourth season running the SRD National Series. As always, I feel so honored to be running an offline league for Sim Racing Design. I used to run a second offline league, called the GoPro National Series. Unfortunately my free time has been greatly reduced now that I'm at a four-year university, so the series is for now pretty well frozen nearing the end of it's fifth season.

    Now that we have that out of the way, let's get to the series information, shall we?

    NASCAR Xfinity Series Mod for NR2003

    Chevrolet Camaro
    Ford Mustang
    Toyota Camry

    The following championships will be awarded at the end of the season:
    1. Driver champion
    2. Owner champion
    3. Rookie of the Year
    4. Team champion
    5. Manufacture champion

    Anyone, regardless of post count, can participate in the SRD National Series as a driver. It is heavily preferred that all team owners be an active participant here in the boards at Sim Racing Design.

    Participation in the SRD National Series will allow access into the SRD Cup Series if you have less than 500 posts.

    The SRD National Series once again returns to the 16-race schedule for 2017. The schedule will feature 4 races each at the 4 different track types (short track, speedway, superspeedway, road course). Most of the schedule will follow the SRD Cup Series; however, there will be several standalone races thrown in.

    There will be 14 teams in a full field, each team having 3 cars apiece.

    Teams that participated in the 2016 season will have first claims to 2017 team positions.

    Remaining open team positions after a set amount of time will be filled by new teams wanting to join the series. This will be largely at a first-come, first-served basis. As stated earlier, forum participation will be considered for filling open team slots.

    For the second season in a row, the SRD National Series will use the playoff championship system similar to the one used in NASCAR.

    Any points-eligible winners in the first 10 races will be guaranteed a spot in the Chase. Remaining spots will be filled via driver point standings. There will be 12 participants entering the Chase.

    After the first three races, the bottom four Chase contenders will be eliminated. 8 will advance to the next round.

    A win by a Chase driver will automatically advance them into the next round.

    Two races after that, the bottom 4 remaining Chase contenders will be eliminated. The final 4 Chase contenders will compete for the championship. Highest-finishing of the Championship 4 will be the champion regardless of bonus points for laps led or most laps led.

    I have no problems with more than 1 team using the same sponsor as long as the two paint schemes can easily be differentiated on the track.

    Sponsors used by SRD Cup Series teams and drivers cannot be used as a primary or secondary sponsor, only as associate sponsors. Cup Series sponsors cannot be used on the hood, doors above the rear wheels, roof, decklid, or back bumper panel.

    SRD Cup Series drivers that also participate in the SRD National Series may use their Cup sponsors.

    SRD National Series drivers may use as many paint schemes as they desire, as long as I receive a paint scheme schedule so I know when to run each paint scheme.

    The ratings system that will be used for 2017 is the same system that has been used the last three seasons.

    4 track categories:
    1. Speedway
    2. Superspeedway
    3. Short Track
    4. Road Course

    *NOTE*: Balanced will NOT be an option.

    Whatever category you pick your driver(s) to concentrate on will have a rating of 75-90. Everything else will be set to 65-80. This is done to give the drivers that don't have that track type selected as their concentration an opportunity to still have a shot if their ratings are at the high end in that particular race.

    Pit crews will be 10-100. How will your pit crew's performance during the race help or hurt your shot at winning?

    Aggression, Consistency, Finishing, and Qualifying; along with Aerodynamics, Chassis, Engine, and Reliability will all be set at 50-70 BUT you will be given a 2, 4, 6, and 8. In both groups of ratings, you will pick one number to put with each individual category. (Example: Aggression gets 2, Consistency gets 4, Finishing gets 6, Qualifying gets 8. Same goes for the other four.) The number you choose will be added to both the MIN and MAX ratings for your car. This is being done to continue to rely less solely on being random, but more towards strategy.

    For the Championship 4 race, all four Championship 4 contenders will have their ratings for track concentration set for whatever track type the Championship 4 race is being run at.

    SRD Cup Series drivers running the full SRD National Series season will not earn driver points.

    To be eligible to earn driver points, SRD Cup Series drivers must share at least half the schedule with a driver that does not participate in the SRD Cup Series.

    SRD Cup Series drivers participating in the SRD National Series should use their SRD Cup Series number if at all possible.

    Race updates will be posted in weekly race threads throughout the season. Participants are encouraged to participate in race update threads.

    In the event that a race was to end its regulation distance under caution, a Green-White-Checkered finish procedure will be used.

    1. All drivers on the lead lap, along with the highest-running driver off of the lead lap will be given 15 minutes to repair their cars as much as they can.
    2. All other lapped cars will be eliminated from contention. Finishing position will be determined by where the driver finished at the end of regulation.
    3. There will be as many Green-White-Checkered attempts given as needed to finish the race under green flag conditions.
    4. In the event of a second, third, etc. attempt at a Green-White-Checkered finish. The next highest driver off of the lead lap at the end of regulation will either get back on the lead lap (if only 1 lap down), or get a lap back (if 2+ laps down). This process repeats itself with every attempt made until all cars that were off the lead lap but still running at the end of regulation is on the lead lap.
    5. After the white flag is taken, the next flag will end the race since drivers race back to the caution anyway.

    Any driver making their first start in the SRD National Series in a shared championship bid with a Cup driver will have their Rookie of the Year eligibility saved for their first full-time season.
  2. Mudd

    Mudd Just Some Guy Paint Crew

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    What if we've had our sponsor for years and someone in the cup series claimed them this year or last year?

    I.E. Last year Aarons, this year old Spice and Texaco Havoline?

    Does that mean I lose them?
  3. zaw24fan

    zaw24fan SRD National Series Director Paint Crew

    Likes Received:
    I guess that could be an exception since you've used them in previous seasons.
    Mudd likes this.
  4. DERacing

    DERacing SRD's Resident Lunatic!

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    Any information on the latest templates and series contig decal?
  5. zaw24fan

    zaw24fan SRD National Series Director Paint Crew

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    Will be released at the end of the reclaim period on next Friday.
    TColeman12, DERacing and JBlanford74 like this.
  6. JosephKall41

    JosephKall41 Kurt Busch's #1 Fan Banned

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    Have they been posted?

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