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    Current schedule for the 2017 SRD National Series season. Some events are still pending and open to changes.

    -Mid-Ohio and Auto Club swap places. Mid-Ohio becomes the 2nd race of the season while Auto Club becomes the 3rd race of the season.
    -Armory Digital looks to replace Coke Zero as the 9th race on the schedule.
    -Iowa Speedway looks to replace Richmond as the 11th race on the schedule. Race would also open the Round of 12 of the 2017 Chase for the Championship.

    Armory Digital and Iowa are the two preliminary replacements for Coke Zero and Richmond. AI testing at both tracks will be scheduled before tracks are confirmed to be on the 2017 schedule. Other tracks to replace these two events are also open for discussion.

    With the SRD Cup Series running a 20-race season and the SRD National Series running a 16-race season, there will be 4 off-weeks for the SRD National Series. Also for this reason, the SRD National Series schedule will not follow the SRD Cup Series as closely as years past.

    Do not post paint scheme schedules until after the end of the reclaim period.
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    My scheme schedule...
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