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SRD National Series - Silly Season - 2016

Discussion in 'SRD NNS Offline League' started by zaw24fan, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. zaw24fan

    zaw24fan SRD National Series Director Paint Crew

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    We've made it to October once again, so it's time to officially call Silly Season 2016 open!

    Please read the the series information thread before posting here.

    Those wanting to apply for team ownership need to have it be let known below. Those not wanting to own a team, but instead join a team can apply for free agency through the same process.

    2015 TEAMS (first dibs on 2016 team spots)
    1. B&T Motorsports (#02, #15, #20)
    2. Asher Racing (#07, #44, #97)
    3. Turn 4 Motorsports (#1, #22, #58)
    4. V2 Motorsports (#3, #23, #45)
    5. English Motorsports (#6, #60)
    6. Opp Inc. (#8, #54, #99)
    7. Davis Motorsports (#12, #16, #61)
    8. Ford Performance Racing (#17, #21, #41)
    9. Cole Motorsports (#25)
    10. Missimer Motorsports (#26, #68, #86)
    11. JGL Racing (#28, #39, #93)
    12. Victory Lane Enterprises (#37, #47, #57)
    13. Devin Mahoney, Inc. (#38, #74)
    14. Ahlbrand Racing (#51, #66, #77)
    15. Streetside Racing (#62, #79)

    2016 TEAM CHART

    If you posted 2016 information in the 2015 Silly Season thread, please post it here in the 2016 thread as well.

    Silly season ready? Set. GO!
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  2. zaw24fan

    zaw24fan SRD National Series Director Paint Crew

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    Sonoma is out as one of the four road courses for the 2016 season. Series officials are looking at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course to replace Sonoma on the schedule.

    After previous success in the GoPro National Series, the SRD National Series will visit Eldora Speedway at some point in the 2016 season. This will mark the first SRD Offline League series to be run on dirt.

    SRD National Series officials are looking into running a throwback race for the 2016 season, but plans are still in the very initial stages. The biggest thing being looked at is SRD Cup Series participation as well. Track still TBA.
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  3. KahneRacing945

    KahneRacing945 3-Time USORL Rally Winner

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    First time doing this so I might not know what to do exactly.
    "Former Late Model driver Jesse Dalton is looking for a SRD National Series ride for the 2016 season. Personally, he said he would like to drive a Toyota Camry sponsored by Toyota but of course, he will take any ride that accepts him."

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  4. jacobc62

    jacobc62 The OG NASCAR Tiger.

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    Jacob Craigo, who finished 5th in points last season in the SRD National Series championship, fought hard to get a great rookie season. However, Craigo feels that he needs to be twice as good in order to be on top at the end of race 16 in 2016.

    "I was able to get a win and even be part of the battle in the end at Homestead last season for the championship with a huge help with my team from Streetside Racing. With me coming back to Streetside next year, and with an entire season already under my belt, I hope that I can take that experience and push myself, and my team, to the championship.

    "Is it gonna be difficult? Well, duh. Racing isn't easy. Never was, never will. Hell, I can say that some mistakes from last year may have cost us the championship, some of those mistakes were ones I made. However, with Quaker State and DeviantArt returning, and with Haas CNC and McDonald's coming aboard, my entire team looks to be the best of the best week in and week out."

    Craigo, a short track racer from Arizona, was found by team owner Billy Nixon, whom put Craigo into one of the Streetside Racing cars for the 2014 SRD Indycar season. While Craigo didn't have the best of seasons in Indycar, Craigo did show a knack for stock-cars. He posted 3 top 5s, 6 top 10s, with a win at the Coca-Cola Superspeedway, a track that was easily 12 times as big as the average track Craigo was used to winning on in his short-track days. With sponsors lined up for the season, and a possible Cup Series debut on the horizon, this young driver looks to take the world of stock-cars by storm.

    In fact, his sponsors are just as hopeful that Craigo can win the championship and Craigo himself.

    Quaker State will return as his primary sponsor for 6 races in 2016, with DeviantArt returning for 4. Haas CNC, one of Craigo's Indycar sponsors since his debut in 2014, will run for 3 races. McDonald's, the (in)famous fast-food mega-chain, will take the remaining two races.
  5. games123

    games123 NXS & NCWTS Painter

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    Bob Laryson to return to Opp Inc. for sophomore season

    After a very disappointing rookie season, and not getting a single top 10, Laryson looks to bounce back to fight for the championship. Unfortunately due to his poor performance last year, Primanti Brothers, Famous Daves, and Cartwheel by Target have all dropped their primary sponsorship of the #54 Opp Inc Toyota. During the off-season alternate sponsorship has been attained.

    It is very likely that the primary sponsor for the #54 Opp Inc. Toyota in 2016 will be Quaker Steak & Lube. Plan B Sales will also move up from being an associate sponsor from every race last year, to finally becoming the secondary sponsor. The last car being announced at this point is something very special. Laryson said "It looks like a bunch of Kyle Busch's sponsors just threw up all over the car." The tertiary sponsor for the 2016 will be Monster Energy, replacing Monster Energy Zero Ultra, with additional sponsorship from Crispy M&M's and Interstate Batteries.
    qsl.JPG pb.JPG
  6. tbakes68

    tbakes68 #chasing8

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    TBakes Racing to compete in SRD National Series Competition in 2016 with Chevrolet - Drivers announced as Travis Baker and Joshua Hawkins
    ~TBakes Racing will be making the switch from the Truck series to the National Series in 2016. Travis Baker and Joshua Hawkins will both be competing a full schedule for points, as they both make a complete switch to the series. Joshua will drive the #9 Monster Energy/Nationwide Insurance/Aaron's Chevrolet Camaro, as he steps away from the Cup Series. Travis has picked up sponsorship from Taylor Made golf products and 4WideDesigns making his debut in the SRD Offline Series. It has been unannounced whether there will be other drivers on the team. More details will come in the future. Travis's primary scheme has been released below.
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  7. DeetahTheGame

    DeetahTheGame Well-Known Member Banned

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    Jake Metivier took over the #77 Ahlbrand Racing Ford for Charlotte (Race 14) of last season, and impressed. In his debut, he ran in the top 10, and finished P13. In his 5 races, he finished P13, P12, P13, P33 after an incident, and P2 after a great performance in the season finale. But with no clear outlook on his return to the 77 or the Ahlbrand team, he finds himself looking for work.

    We had a chance to talk to him, and Duracell has agreed to come aboard as primary sponsor if he were to get a ride. Team owner of the 77, Mr. Ahlbrand, said this statement a few weeks ago: "No idea what's going on with the ride yet.. I'll get you an answer soon. I see no reason to doubt you'll return."

    Even so, Jake has told me that he is not against other offers. He would prefer to "drive a Toyota or Chevy, Ford isn't my first choice, but I'm thankful for ride from anyone, and I'm thankful to Ahlbrand Racing for my first chance and hopefully second chance."
  8. Phoenix

    Phoenix The Meme

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    JGL Racing renamed, reimagined.
    As the 2015 SRD National Series comes to a close, the reigning Owner & Team champion will undergo severe surgery. Team owner Adam Douglas has fired drivers Aaron Douglas and David Carter II. As many fans criticize Adam for his seemingly poor decisions, a new age dawns, and the reigning champs are in no way, shape, or form, rebuilding. They are merely reloading.

    Adam drafts new business partners, Richie Mancha, and Todd Casteel. Together, the three men will briskly and effectively build their new empire, TAR Motorsports. The team remains Toyota, and they have formed a new associate deal with Stanley Black and Decker. Todd Casteel will be represented by his design company, Racing Designs by Todd, and he will represent a cause he is very close with. He will carry the number eighty-eight. Richie Mancha will carry the all mighty eighteen, with sponsorship from Endgame Barcade, and Hawkins Theaters. Long time partner American Ethanol has partnered with Adam.

    TAR Motorsports has also acquired newly formed DK Motorsports(if permitted the final slot) to act as a satellite team. Douglas hopes the alliance can boost his friends to fruitful careers. And Adam hopes to bring the new pair of rookies to stardom.

    28car: American Ethanol, will run for Driver's Championship (Adam Douglas)
    39car: renumbered to 18, Richie Mancha takes over, with Endgame Barcade and Hawkins Theaters. ROTY and Driver's championship.
    93car: renumbered to 88, Todd Casteel takes over. Racing Designs by Todd, Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and new Coldstone Creamery. ROTY and Driver's championship.
  9. KnightHoarder

    KnightHoarder Well-Known Member

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    Dakota Caudill, formerly of Davis Motorsports, will be forming his own team in the SRD National Series called DK Motorsports. New owner Dakota was asked about his new team he is starting: "I know a lot of people would probably think I'm a little crazy to leave the team that won the driver's championship this year with a rookie in Trey Coleman but I'm far from normal. I felt I needed a fresh start and starting my own team in the series I love is just the treatment I needed. It has been rough this season and my rookie year at Davis Motorsports for sure so I'm hoping by starting DK Motorsports, things will be considerably better. After long talks with all the manufactures, I had it narrowed down in the recent weeks. I have made the decision to align my team with Toyota. My DK Motorsports team will be a satellite team to the 2015 Owner's Champions at JGL Racing. I knew it was a no brainer to do this after all the success they had this season. They were certainly on fire and I'm hoping with this decision to become a satellite team to them, I can have similar success! DK Motorsports will be a 2 car team with myself in the 43 Maxim Fantasy Sports App, Smithfield Foods and Amp Energy Toyota Camry. Other sponsors are TBD at the moment. My teammate will be Aaron Gabron who will be running for ROTY in the Operation Lifesaver 33 Toyota Camry He will talk more on that. There is a high chance for a 3rd car if we can find a driver and sponsor for the car. With this decision, I am most certainly looking forward to the 2016 season in the SRD National Series!"

    Side note: If I get the chance to have a team in the National Series for next season, I am open to having a 3rd car if possible.

    If I don't get the spot for my new team, I will be a Free Agent this year.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015
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  10. RaceMan

    RaceMan Well-Known Member

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    Rookie Tyler Flake looking for a ride, has sponsor!
    Tyler Flake is looking for a ride in the SRD National Series. Flake who is from Flagstaff Arizona has not one but TWO sponsors that he would bring with him to the team that he signs with. Enterprise Rent-A-Car(as well as National and Alamo Car Rental and Enterprise Car Sells) and Quicken Loans would join Flake for the 2016(and hopefully beyond!).
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  11. ThatOneShredder

    ThatOneShredder You look like an alcoholic former weatherman!

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    Ahlbrand Racing to return, unsure of team line-up.

    Alikz Ahlbrand has released little about his team's 2016 plans, but today announced he plans to return to the NNS series with a three car team. He has made suggestions towards not running a car himself at all, focusing on the SRD cup series. Any driver looking for a chance is encouraged to contact him.
  12. DeetahTheGame

    DeetahTheGame Well-Known Member Banned

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    A report has been leaked that rookie Jake Metivier, and sponsor Duracell, will be moving to DK Motorsports in 2016 and leaving Ahlbrand Racing. As of now, the team has not been cleared for the final team spot, but if the team is cleared, Metivier will be one of their drivers.
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  13. canadienhits

    canadienhits The Dominator, Cup champ.

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    OPP, Inc. is looking for a driver for the 99 car. Car number can be changed. Toyota team. PM me.
  14. gwoodard41

    gwoodard41 Well-Known Member

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    Woodard to return to field in 2016, will be sponsored by Prime Inc, Nikon, and Castrol
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  15. guardracer19

    guardracer19 Well-Known Member

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    David Calhoun Unsure of 2016 Plans

    David Calhoun driver of last year's #37 STP Chevrolet of Victory Lane Enterprises, is unsure of his 2016 National Series plans. "I would be up to making another run toward the crown, but uncertain at this time," spoken by Calhoun himself. Victory Lane Enterprises has yet to announce anything for the 16 season. It has been also rumored that Calhoun has submitted an application to the National Series board of directors about a possible team formation, but all that is just speculation.

    Calhoun will once again drive for Victory Lane Enterprises. The team has announced that they will be back for the 16 season after some rumors were finally laid to rest by the owner, Brendan Gorman. David Calhoun will drive the #37 Chevy for VLE. STP is said to be scaling back its sponsorship though.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015
  16. zaw24fan

    zaw24fan SRD National Series Director Paint Crew

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    It needs to be let known that just because you report you are starting a new team for 2016 does not mean you will be given team ownership. I need to hear back from the 2015 teams on whether or not they are returning, then I will personally decide which new teams will fill the open slots that a 2015 team left. You need to have backup plans if you intend on participating in this series, but are not granted team ownership.

    Feel free to apply for both team ownership and free agency at the same time.

    Remember that for those wanting to own a team in this series, we are doing 14 teams with 3 cars per team. If you are granted team ownership, you must run a 3-car team.
  17. Devin41

    Devin41 I wanna go fast!

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    Devin Mahoney Inc. Will Return to SRD National Series.
    Devin Mahoney has announced that his team will return and will hopefully run three full-time teams in the SRD National Series after only fielding two teams in 2015. "We currently have two open spots for full time SRD National Series drivers and I'll be returning to the #74 Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Toyota Camry in 2016. We'll continue to have a technical alliance with Opp, Inc. with whom I drive for in the Cup Series and look forward to continuing to working with them."

    Anyone interested in driving for DMI in 2016, please contact me.

  18. zaw24fan

    zaw24fan SRD National Series Director Paint Crew

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    I plan on having an early team chart made up probably by Thursday.
  19. TColeman12

    TColeman12 Dale Jr, off of 4, one last time...

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    Coleman set to return to National Series in 2016.
    Trey Coleman, the 2015 SRD National Series Champion and ROTY has announced that he will return to Davis Motorsports. If he can find a Cup ride, he will run full-time in the National Series for no points. His number is TBD and his sponsors will be Verizon, New Era, Beats Music, Pizza Hut, CVCC, and another sponsor TBD.
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  20. labontefanboy

    labontefanboy Well-Known Member

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    Victory Lane Enterprises set to return
    Amid rumors that longtime Chevy team Victory Lane Enterprises would no longer run in the SRD National Series, team owner Brendan Gorman hushed reporters and assured them that the 3-car team would return. "I don't know where some of you guys come up with this stuff," Gorman said. "Just because we haven't formally stated our return doesn't mean we're dropping out; we'll definitely be back." Gorman said he will again drive the #47, while David Calhoun is all but a lock to again drive the #37. There is no word on Jackson Braun's status in the #57, and no updates on sponsorship for 2016. (SRDN) (10/13/15)

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