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SRD National Series - Silly Season - 2017

Discussion in 'SRD NNS Offline League' started by zaw24fan, Nov 11, 2016.

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  1. zaw24fan

    zaw24fan SRD National Series Director

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    A month later than normal, but we are officially ready to go with Silly Season for the 2017 season.


    Consider this thread to be the place for everything as far as getting into this series. If you are a returning team or driver, post it here. If you are a brand new driver looking to be picked up by a team, post it here. If you are wanting to start your own team in this series, post it here.

    2016 TEAMS (guaranteed a spot in the 2017 season if returning)
    1. B&T Motorsports (#02, #15, #20)
    2. Streetside Racing (#06, #62, #79) Renamed Craigo Racing, Inc for 2017.
    3. Asher Racing (#07, #2, #4)
    4. Turn 4 Motorsports (#1, #22, #45)
    5. English MotorSports (#6, #60, #64)
    6. Cole Motorsports (#9, #24, #25)
    7. Opp, Inc. (#11, #54, #99)
    8. Davis Motorsports (#12, #16, #61) Renamed Coleman Racing for 2017.
    9. Ford Performance Racing (#13, #17, #41) Closed doors after 2016 season. Bought-out by Check 6, Inc.
    10. DK Motorsports (#18, #29, #53)
    11. Victory Lane Enterprises (#19, #37, #57) Closed doors after 2016 season.
    12. Missimer Motorsports (#23, #68, #86) Closed doors after 2016 season. Renamed V2 Motorsports.
    13. Devin Mahoney, Inc. (#47, #74, #80)
    14. BCA Motorsports (#51, #66, #77)

    2017 TEAMS italics are pending teams
    1. Craigo Racing, Inc. (#06, #7, #62)
    2. Asher Racing (#07, #4, #26)
    3. Turn 4 Motorsports (#1, #22, #45)
    4. English Motorsports (#6, #60, #64)
    5. OPP, Inc. (#11, #78, #99)
    6. Coleman Racing (#12, #21, #61)
    7. Check 6, Inc. (#13, #17, #31)
    8. DK Motorsports (#18, #19, #81)
    9. BCA Motorsports (#55, #92, #95)
    10. B&T Motorsports (#02, #15, #20)
    11. V2 Motorsports (#23, #68, #86)
    12. SRD, Inc. (#3, #29, #32)
    13. Games123 Racing (#42, #46, #54)
    14. JD Racing (TBA, TBA, TBA)


    Any 2017 information that was posted to the 2016 Silly Season thread needs to be reposted in this thread.

    Have at it, boys!
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2016
  2. games123

    games123 CHARGE!

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    Games123 Racing moving up to the National Series*

    Ray Tustin announced tonight that Games123 Racing is officially looking to race in the SRD National Series. He is expected to bring the #54 with him, and not run for driver points. Another 2016 driver is expected to move to the team, if the team is accepted. They also plan to move a driver up from the Truck and IndyCar series to be a rookie for the 2017 season, if he is accepted. More details at a later date.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2016
  3. jacobc62

    jacobc62 The OG NASCAR Tiger. Banned

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    Craigo to make final full-time season, will NOT run for points

    Jacob Craigo, whom announced he will be running for points during the 2017 SRD Cup campaign, will be returning to make a final full-time run at the National Series. Returning to the #62 Chevy Camaro will be Quaker State and DeviantArt, both of whom have been aboard the #62 since Craigo's rookie season in 2015. Rumors have it that Old Spice, which recently announced a partnership with Craigo in the SRD Cup Series, will be on the car for a chunk of the season as well. Craigo also stated that he plans to expand his team, Craigo Racing Inc., to the National Series level, having started it in Trucks and Indycar for the 2016 season.

    @zaw24fan Assuming Billy Nixon doesn't come back, would it be alright to assume that CRI is effectively Streetside reincarnated and picking up where Streetside left off?
  4. Ben Althen

    Ben Althen Well-Known Member

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    BCA Motorsports to Return in 2017

    After an up and down debut season in 2016, BCA Motorsports team owner Ben Althen announced today that the team would return with 3 cars. While no sponsors or drivers were announced, some info was provided. "As of right now nothing is set in stone," stated Althen. "We aren't sure who the drivers or sponsors will be, and we don't know what numbers either. Right now I have more drivers than cars, which isn't a bad thing but might get challenging. Thankfully we have enough sponsorship for all 3 cars." Another complication is that the team Althen drove for in 2016, Missimer Motorsports, closed their National program, leaving the Ford driver rideless. "I am not sure what I will be driving - if anything at all. We'll figure something out."

    @mje33 @ThatOneShredder @J.R.Franklin
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2016
  5. frow78

    frow78 Well-Known Member

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    Root 'certain' of a return to Turn 4 Motorsports
    "I will be driving the #1 car for Turn 4, full time, in 2017. That's all the PR guy cleared me to say for now."
  6. Tetronix

    Tetronix #48EVER

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    Harris Hopeful for Opp, Inc. Return
    New York, NY - D.J. Harris, driver of the #99 DC Shoes and Hewlett-Packard Toyota Camry for Opp, Inc, says that he wants to return to the ride for the 2017 season. "

    I talked to my sponsorship director over at DC Shoes, and they said that they'd glady return to sponsor me. I haven't gotten a reply from Hewlett-Packard, but I believe that they too, would also stick around for next year."

    He has no timeline for confirmation of his return, nor the paint scheme revealing. (SRDN) (11/11/16)
  7. guardracer19

    guardracer19 Well-Known Member

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    David Calhoun driver of the #37 decided toward the end of last season to move on to the cup series. After some thought and consideration Calhoun on a part time run in the national series but nothing definite or confirmed at this time.
  8. nj9703

    nj9703 Very Stable Genius

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    Joyce to Games123 Racing? Opp, Inc?
    Just days after the conclusion of the 2016 SRD National Series season, rumors of Noah Joyce's 2017 whereabouts have already sprung up. Joyce announced he would be leaving Cole Motorsports earlier this year, leaving him without a ride. Now, an image has surfaced of what appears to be the 2017 Games123 plans. On that paper rests Noah Joyce's name, beside the #46. Also, an image of the rear of a National Series car was released. The image was grainy and dark, but Joyce's name could be read along the name banner, and the Opp, Inc. logo could also be seen. When Joyce was contacted about this, he replied with, "Rumors and leaks come up every day, and everyone jumps to believe them." Games123 Racing and Opp, Inc. both declined to comment.
  9. zaw24fan

    zaw24fan SRD National Series Director

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    Should be noted that if you intend to go up for free agency, make sure it is explicitly stated. Please don't leave me to assume whether or not you intend to be a free agent or not.
  10. KnightHoarder

    KnightHoarder Well-Known Member

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    Big Changes for DK Motorsports in 2017
    Team Owner Dakota Caudill of DK Motorsports, who had one of the best teams all season long, came to the podium to announce some changes for the 2017 season. "With every new season that comes upon us, you have to stay competitive and you have to stay on top of your game to continue to be successful year in and year out. With that being said, I have decided some changes need to be made to still be one of the best teams. Next season, I will NOT be running the full National Series season as I have decided to run a part time schedule as long as I can find someone willing to run a part time schedule with me. If I can not before the 2017 season starts, I will return to another full time season just not for points again. I decided to do this to give drivers a chance to be successful and it could even lead to a full time ride for some as well whether with my team or another. Also the #29 DK Motorsports Toyota that was driven by ROTY Winner Connor Mire will be open to anyone looking for a ride. It was a tough decision after he made the Chase for my team but due to some sponsorship issues, I was in a tough spot but had to let him go. No word on the status of Adam Douglas and the #53 Toyota team but once we come to a conclusion, I will make an announcement. Maxim Fanatsy Sports and Smithfield will also not be returning to sponsor my #18 DK Motorsports Toyota. Flex Seal will continue to be an associate sponsor on all DK Motorsports cars. No word yet on if Walmart will return or not."
  11. labontefanboy

    labontefanboy Well-Known Member

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    Victory Lane Enterprises closes doors
    After a successful multi-year run in various SRD Series, Victory Lane Enterprises has announced that it is closing up shop for good following the conclusion of the 2016 SRD National Series season. "We're very proud of all that we've accomplished over the years, and closing up shop is certainly not representative of any kind of failure", said owner-driver Brendan Gorman, who watched his teammate Jackson Braun fall just 2 positions shy of winning the championship. "While our Cup program never became the force we hoped it would be, our National and IndyCar teams experienced tremendous success over the years and I've enjoyed it all. That being said, even though the finances and equipment are still here and we could still perform just as well as we did this season, I just no longer have the energy to keep doing this. It's been one hell of a ride and I'd like to thank all our partners, from the sponsors to the drivers to the team members and especially to the fans." Gorman did not indicate any possibility of VLE making a return in the future, but did not say it was impossible. (SRDN) (11/12/16)
  12. Phoenix

    Phoenix Wheeze

    Likes Received:
    Adam Douglas made a post on social media, indicating a switch to number 19 on his DK Motorsports Toyota Camry. No word has been confirmed by team owner Dakota Caudill yet. At this time, Douglas's Camry is unsponsored.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2016
  13. NascarGuy42

    NascarGuy42 Well-Known Member

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    Chrasta to Games123 Racing's National Series Program

    Brandon Chrasta, driver for Games123 Racing in SRD Indycar and Trucks, will be making his first season in SRD national Series competition. Chrasta plans to drive the #42 Skittles Toyota in a rookie campaign, "I'm excited, I think I've had some experience in lower series, Games makes these amazing cars and trucks and I'm glad to have won in them, and I feel ready to start one more series higher," said Chrasta. More details on a secondary sponsor at a later date, but it's reported to either be Oakland Raiders (Sponsor in trucks) or Burger King.
  14. TColeman12

    TColeman12 #RoarBeforeThe24

    Likes Received:
    Davis Motorsports will return; Will be renamed to Coleman Racing

    Davis Motorsports will return as Coleman Racing. Trey Coleman will return in the #12 Full time for no points, and Travis Baker will return to the #61 running for points. Coleman said that Joshua Michaels has moved to Cup, therefore opening a spot for John Gamboa to return to National Series in the #21 car running for points. Sponsors to be released at a later date.
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  15. nj9703

    nj9703 Very Stable Genius

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    Joyce Joins Games123 Racing, Reveals Possible Scheme for Proposed Armory Digital Event
    Today Noah Joyce, previously the driver of the #24 Chevrolet Camaro for Cole Motorsports, announced he would be joining Games123 Racing powered by DC Solar.

    "Me and Ray have developed at tight alliance since he joined my SRD Cup Series team. I am very excited that this can move over to the National Series as well. I will not be running for points this season, but I will be running for the experience."

    When asked about sponsorship, Joyce said that he will be sponsored by various brands this season, including DC Solar, Western Star Trucks, SKF, Alliance Truck Parts, Kroger, and Hinterland Games. Joyce went on to reveal the scheme he plans to run for this seasons proposed event at Armory Digital Superspeedway.

    "Seattle is a gaming place, and Hinterland is based not so far away in Northern Vancouver, Canada. So, what better place to run this scheme?"


    (SRDN) (11/12/2016)
  16. canadienhits

    canadienhits The Dominator, Cup champ.

    Likes Received:
    OPP, Inc. will be returning this year. D.J. will drive our primary car, the 99. I think Jeff Jordan will split the 11 ride with me, but looking for another driver to run in the 11 as well. The third car depends on Games123 Racing.
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  17. Mudd

    Mudd Just Some Guy

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    Turn 4 Motorsports 2017 Confirmed via twitter
    @iamnickflaitz: team will be back in 2017, more details to come in the near future.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2016
  18. KnightHoarder

    KnightHoarder Well-Known Member

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    DK Motorsports team owner Dakota Caudill had this to say on Twitter: "I can confirm that Adam Douglas (@Phoenix ) will return to DK Motorsports in the now #19 Camry formely #53."
  19. Saan Anguish

    Saan Anguish Inflictor of Pain

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    English Motorsports will be returning, with myself in the 6. However, no word yet from my teammates.
  20. JBlanford74

    JBlanford74 FFGFYG

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    Jason Blanford Team Owner?
    Jacksonville, FL-
    Speculation around the series is that former FPR driver Jason Blanford is looking at team ownership in the SRD National Series. (Florida Times Union 11/12/16)
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