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SRD Truck Series Flats Thread - 2018

Discussion in 'SRD Camping World Truck Offline League' started by canadienhits, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. Scoop85

    Scoop85 Member

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    How do i request a paint scheme? I downloaded the nr2003 game (which is awesome and runs smooth now) after all these years. However the paint shop does not load correctly. How or where do find an alternate or request a paint job....I am new but i posted my sponsors and info.....
    Krogers, Herr's potato chips and Koegel Meats....need some help
  2. canadienhits

    canadienhits The Dominator, Cup champ.

    Likes Received:
    Go to the Silly Season thread in the truck series area, and then ask. IF you don't get anyone to bite by Monday, I'll pick it up.
  3. Reza Maulana

    Reza Maulana SRD's Resident Indonesian & Truck Series Statman

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    Well, this is definitely going to be quite an oddball of a scheme in the series (hell, probably even in the entire history of SRD Offline Racing League). Also, I think I spent a bit too much time creating this scheme XD Split scheme is allowed right?

    Here's the flat for my late-season entry, the #98 Precure 15th Anniversary/Hugtto! Precure Chevrolet Silverado.

    All of the races will be ran with this scheme.

    EDIT: Updated the flat to give it the current Silverado light decal. I forgot to update it in the original flat.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2018

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