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Starting A Huge League

Discussion in 'Online Racing' started by AlexMiller, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. AlexMiller

    AlexMiller Well-Known Member

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    Hello fellow SRD members. It is right now, today, July 31st, 2016 that I can finally annouce the formation of the PureRush Online Racing League. This will not just be one little 10 race league. It is a year round league that will have many different formats in it. The only 3 series I can announce now are the Pro Series(BR15, Sprint Cup Style), The Proving Ground Series(NXS15 or 16 currently undecided, Xfinity Style), and the FastTrucks Series(CWs15, CWTS Style). The site is currently in the works, and will not be released until it is nearly perfect. Any other bugs will be worked out after found. Until then, enjoy some announcements on here, as well as other hints toward the future. I hope you will enjoy this league as much as I will, and I hope to see you out on track!
    (Mods/Admins please move as necessary)
  2. Rassy

    Rassy Active Member

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    Definitely keep me posted.

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