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Text Outlines in GIMP

Discussion in 'Drawing in GIMP' started by crazyboy335, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. crazyboy335

    crazyboy335 #50in07 Banned

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    So I figured that this section could use some new tutorials. To test for feedback I started off with something simple that could help out some people new to GIMP.

    1) Type in your text. Settings don't matter, just as long as it's in the text format (the layer's thumbnail has a T on it).


    2) Right click on the text layer and select Text to Path. Go to the Paths dialog and turn on the path showing the text.


    3) Click on the Path tool, create a new layer, and select Stroke Path (make sure you have another color selected).


    4) Adjust the stroke width and click OK. This takes some trial and error, but in the end you should have a product like this - a nice, smooth outline on your text!


    If you want more tutorials (probably some that relate more to NR2003) please let me know. ;)
  2. frow78

    frow78 Well-Known Member

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    Another easy way to do this is selecting 'Alpha to selection' in the text layer, then going to the 'select' tab and choosing to shrink or grow the text by a variable of X. This will result in a paintable boundary either inside or outside of the original text that will allow for the outline look.
  3. nj9703

    nj9703 Very Stable Genius

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    I've always just duplicated the text layer, made the bottom layer the same size as the image and made the text the color of the stroke. Then right click the layer and click Alpha to Selection, and go to Edit > Stroke Selection, and adjust the stroke width there. Either way, thanks for posting this Steven, I'll have to try this out.
  4. jacobc62

    jacobc62 The OG NASCAR Tiger. Banned

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    Only problem with that is that it rounds out any corners/spikes.

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