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The NR2003 Cheat

Discussion in 'NR2003 General Discussion' started by kdmraceing, Jan 3, 2018.

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  1. kdmraceing

    kdmraceing Well-Known Member

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    Hi Guys,

    I don't usually post, but I thought I would put a warning out there. There is a file out there called NR2003 2016.exe that lets you cheat in online racing. How do I know this? I had to use it to even the playing field at two different online racing groups. The first one is, F.A.S.Trak Elite Sim Racing. This is where I first heard of different exe files. This was last season that I heard about different exe. So after Daytona, things got hinky. I have been driving nascar racing since it was first put out in 94. So I am not a bad driver have won a few races but could always stay up with the leaders. In the next 4 races 4 o 5 cars would have the lead over the rest of the field and winning. So I looked for a new exe file and found the one that kept me up with the other 5 drivers (admins and friends of them). As soon as I was able to keep up and go as fast or faster they banned me from their site. I do have a replay where the admin racing stays in 3rd and keeps up with the top 6 cars to prove it.
    This league races on RLM and it has no cheat protection.

    The other is Blazin Pedals.
    I switched to there where I first started racing online. And again I found myself in the back of the leaders. So I tried my cheat and found that I could then go as fast as they were. SMS lobby has a cheat protection. But if you have a master password you can then cheat even with the cheat protection on.

    So after that I just quit racing online. I just couldn't trust any online league so I get to set out the the season.

    This is not just an outing of two different leagues, but a warning to those that want to drive online that there is no way to win against this cheat. It has 2016 engines, tires, and other setups in the exe that makes it hard to keep up.

    How to tell if they are using it. If you get their setup it will be loose and anything and uncontrollable at times. Or a fixed setup that is loose and others can drive using this setup.

    This is just a warning to those that are looking to get into online racing or are trying to figure out how they are beating a decent driver.
  2. sadlerfan21

    sadlerfan21 Well-Known Member

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    So let me get this straight. You cheated using a well known exe hack because you felt like the leaders were cheating to make a stupid point instead of just bringing it to the attention of the league? Then you wonder why you got banned from said league after using the exe hack to keep up with the leaders even though you say you aren't bad? I'm not sure what point you are even trying to make.
  3. NascarMan32

    NascarMan32 Well-Known Moron

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    Leagues typically don't use custom .exe's. The reason they were faster than you is most likely because they had faster setups. A person's setup being loose doesn't immediately mean they're cheating. It just means that's they're driving style. As for the fixed setup point, the fact that others can drive it and you can't is a sign that you need to adapt to the track better. I'm not saying that you're a bad driver, don't get me wrong. I'm sure you're better than some people. It's just that there are always better drivers out there, and the leagues you joined are some of the more serious leagues.

    In short, you got banned because you were cheating (there are a lot more ways to find out than just cheat protection). Not because you were able to keep up.
  4. zaw24fan

    zaw24fan SRD National Series Director Paint Crew

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    Don't let this be confused with leagues that use their own exe but makes that exe readily available to all competitors in the league.
  5. TChapman500

    TChapman500 Well-Known Member

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    If they're using a custom EXE file that makes them so much faster than you, and then you start winning after you start using the same EXE file, then I don't think that counts as cheating.

    Now if they were using an external application to make them go faster, that would be different. But then why would 4 or 5 drivers happen to be sharing the exact same cheats that make them form a tight lead pack, leaving everyone else in the dust?
  6. Phoenix

    Phoenix Wheeze

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    Joe Gibbs Racing uses NASCAR2020.exe
  7. TColeman12

    TColeman12 #BMR19Team

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    If you use an unsanctioned exe, you’re obviously cheating, plain and simple lol. No ifs, ands, or buts to it.
  8. Thunder98

    Thunder98 Same shit, different day. Admin

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    No reason to keep this open, nor was there a reason to post this in the first place...
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