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What do I do about picking a new favorite driver?!?

Discussion in 'NASCAR Discussion' started by db512, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. db512

    db512 2011 SRD Cup Series Champion

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    So I got a question for any Dale Jr. fans or fans of drivers who have retired recently. I am having trouble finding a new favorite to follow. I am torn on choosing between the new kids at Hendrick. All 3 (Chase, Bowman, and Byron) have there pros and cons for me and I don't know which way to go. What makes it hard is I pride myself on being a loyal fan (I root for the Cleveland Browns for heaven sakes, and have for my who life) so I want to get it right this one time and not switch around. I was a Dale Jr. fan from day one in the Busch Series through now and switched to him from Jeff Gordon when he made it to Cup. So I have only had two drivers I have rooted for Gordon from the first race I watched until Jr. came to Cup and then Jr. from that point on.

    So I am not asking what should I do, but what did any of you do when looking for a new driver to follow?
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  2. ThatOneShredder

    ThatOneShredder Why are you the way that you are?

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    I mean, I was a kid, but Johnny Benson was my favorite driver. I just kept a close tab on him as his career wound down, and continued to cheer for pretty much anyone I didn't dislike until Kyle Larson came around in 2013. It felt pretty natural to me. Just take your time and you'll end up finding yourself cheering for the right guy for you.
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  3. David24

    David24 Paint Crew Paint Crew

    Likes Received:
    Don't look for one. Seriously just watch some races and after a few weeks you'll find yourself rooting for someone to win and at that time you will have a new favorite

    I was a big Jeff Gordon fan and had no idea who I'd follow. I actually thought I'd be a big Larson or Keselowski fan but as time went on watching races I found myself rooting for Kyle Busch and Ryan Blaney more than anyone. So there I have it
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  4. EarnhardtFan

    EarnhardtFan Residential Twitch Addict

    Likes Received:
    I say look for drivers with similar personalities if anything, or people that you can tolerate from near where you live. That's why I've gone to both Blaney and Larson (And maybe Bowman and Byron) after Jr. retired, they all seem to have the same Nice Guy personality and Blaney's family (or at least his dad) is from my county, I even have an acquaintance who races dirt locally who knows the family. I've also seen all of their careers pan out to so far VERY good success.
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  5. zaw24fan

    zaw24fan SRD National Series Director Paint Crew

    Likes Received:
    This shouldn't even be a thought...

    ...Trevor Bayne.

    We have cookies and 15th place finishes on a good day.

    But seriously, I was fortunate to already be fans of Trevor Bayne and Regan Smith before Gordon retired, and fortunately Bayne got a full-time ride in Cup in Gordon's last season. While it made the rooting interest change a smooth transition, the difference in performance has been anything but. I agree with everything everyone else said. Just watch some races with an open mind and that new favorite driver will show up sooner than later.
  6. SpiderTre

    SpiderTre #SHALIEVE

    Likes Received:
    after Jarrett retired and Reutimann went back to dirt, i started rooting for Dave Blaney because i love the underdogs and he's from Ohio. fortunately, it was easy for me to become a Ryan Blaney fan because of his dad though i feel like i would've been a fan of his even i didn't root for his dad lol
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  7. MattSRD28

    MattSRD28 SRD Pick'em Series Commissioner Moderator

    Likes Received:
    My favorite driver was killed shortly after my 9th birthday. The team he drove for finally folded 8ish years ago. Now I don't have a favorite and I don't think I really need one.

    So I would say having a favorite isn't really necessary. But if you have to have one, make sure it's someone you can say is yours no matter if he's winning or running in the back.
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  8. JeffJordan

    JeffJordan My name is no longer Jeff Jordan

    Likes Received:
    After Jeff Gordon retired, now I just root for, in no particular order:

    - Drivers who haven't won
    - Drivers who haven't won in a while
    - Drivers/teams who just had tragedy
    - Drivers about to retire
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  9. BrendonH12

    BrendonH12 Lover of Jesus! #CarolinaStrong

    Likes Received:
    My sister made a rather smooth transition from Tony Stewart, when he retired, to Kyle Larson & Brad Keselowski. Of course, she was already liking/rooting for those guys before Smoke retired. I’d like to echo what the other guys have said: watch with an open mind, and I think you’ll find yourself rooting for one driver over all the others.
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  10. starscream24

    starscream24 Captain of Unpopular Opinions.

    Likes Received:
    After Gordon retired here's my list of people who I wan to win in order.
    1. First time/people who don't win a lot/underdogs.
    2. (Stage winna) MTJ
    3. Chase Elliott
    4. Kyle Larson
    5. Everyone else except
    6. Jimmie Johnson
    7. Denny Hamlin
    8. Digger
    9. DW
    10. Kyle Busch
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  11. db512

    db512 2011 SRD Cup Series Champion

    Likes Received:
    All this feedback has been great! I guess going off of what you all have said so far my biggest problem is I know I like those three. I was rooting for them as they came up through trucks and xfinity so I know I like them but I want to kind of pick out just one to be the main guy, but still cheer them all on, and that is where I have the problem. I even considered just being a Hendrick fan, minus Jimmie though haha!
  12. MrDude68

    MrDude68 Occasional Backwards Driver

    Likes Received:
    To echo what has been said, I would suggest that you simply start watching and follow your heart. I would be surprised if you followed closely and didn't end up with a distinct favorite within the first couple months max. I had the same problem when Jeff Gordon retired, but I eventually settled on Jamie McMurray. It takes me a while to adjust to the younger guys since I don't watch all the races anymore, but I have really been liking Ryan Blaney, Chase Elliott, and William Byron as well. Just feel it out.
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  13. justinehr18

    justinehr18 Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Being a fan of Casey Mears for over a decade, I know what you're going through. Last year was tough to watch, after seeing him run around 15th-20th with his limited schedule, I had a feeling that would be it for him. I recall reading an article that said he enjoyed helping build Germain Racing but there's no way he would want to do it again. He had been hinting at off road racing the last few years, and I think that's the direction he's going, but I don't follow that at all. I remember seeing lots of people saying once Gordon retires, they're going to quit watching and I didn't think that was possible. But I have gone from watching every practice, qualifying and the races for all three series, to only watching it when I come across it on tv. Now I have picked up on snocross big time the last few years so that has made my transition easier. I have always been a fan of Ford and Paul Menard, and now that he's back in a Ford, I'll at least have someone to pull for because being a casual fan of Front Row Motorsports doesn't get me far.
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  14. Racingfan83

    Racingfan83 Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    As a BK Racing fan I have the same problem, I am leaning towards Bubba Wallace though.
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  15. labontefanboy

    labontefanboy Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Fixed that for ya ;)
  16. nj9703

    nj9703 Very Stable Genius

    Likes Received:
    I was in the same boat man. Luckily, I found myself starting to like AJ Allmendinger over the past few seasons, and I’ve found a new fan base with the #47 team. A much smaller pool over here lol.

    As others have said, just let it come naturally. You might not find anyone, and that would be just fine. Whoever it may be, just make sure it’s someone you and me can agree on, it seems a common theme for us to like the same drivers lol.
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  17. crazyboy335

    crazyboy335 #50in07

    Likes Received:
    I've never had a favorite driver. I pull for Chevrolet.
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  18. dalejr88rox

    dalejr88rox Video editor, Meme Police, and certified B.A.M.F.

    Likes Received:
    Go Alex Bowman

    I honestly don't really know how to answer this, since my driver just retired. Luckily we already got a taste of his replacement in his car so I'm latching kn to Bowman pretty tightly. I just pick the driver who's personality I like most. I was always a Jr fan because of his laid-back, old school, humble personality. I dig the old school vibes of Blaney and Elliott and they're the sons of 2 damn good drivers, so I like them too

    People who know me will also know I like almost every driver to some extent because I'm more of a racing fan than a Jr fan
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  19. 11rows0f3

    11rows0f3 Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    Ryan. Blaney. lol

    I have went from Harry Gant as a kid in the 80's and 90's to Jeff Burton to now, Ryan Blaney. I tend to be a Ford guy, but I couldn't help it - Gant was just so freaking cool.

    I pick guys that are super-talented, super good guys and kind of the underdog. Gant never drove for Childress, Hendrick, Junior Johnson, etc - but when he had a good car, he was as good as anyone.

    If you became a fan after Gant retired - he was awesome and very North Carolina in accent. :D

    Now Ryan Blaney, becasue - he is nuts and I like it. lol

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  20. Dcgc28

    Dcgc28 Well-Known Member

    Likes Received:
    When Rusty retired I gravitated to Kyle Busch, there was no particular rhyme or reason, now the same is happening with me and Bubba.

    I just cheer for guys I like off the track, I think Kyle is funny and the KB Foundation has actually helped a relative of mine in my personal life. Bubba just seems like a genuine guy, someone I'd like to hanf out with. Kind of just an old country dude who can drive his butt off. If you start overthinking it you're probably not going to pick someone long term.
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