Where to buy older diecasts.

Discussion in 'NASCAR Diecast and Collectibles' started by DaleTona75, Jun 9, 2016.

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    Hello, I'm not sure if this should go in the Buy/Sell/Trade area but here is the question.

    Where might be good places to look for older die-cast?. I'm looking for 2007-2010 COT die-casts specifically. If you know of any stores or websites that might carry them I would appreciate to know.
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    You might've been on eBay already, but if you haven't, I definitely think that's the place to find specific diecasts. And if not, depending on where you live, some local diecast/NASCAR stores sell that stuff. We don't have any on Long Island, but the closest one to me is Brickels in Pennsylvania. They had a pretty wide selection of stuff, and so did every other NASCAR store I've been to.

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